Saturday movie review: A QUIET PLACE

Saturday movie review: A QUIET PLACE

My husband and I saw A QUIET PLACE last weekend, opening weekend for the drama/horror flick directed by John Krasinski and starring him and wife Emily Blunt. The nerve wracking film was, of course, the feature of our theater-going experience, yet it was the audience that delivered the most interesting performance. Because they were quiet. Silent, in fact. Each and every viewer.

That never happens at the theater. Ever. People talk, laugh, question what's on screen, peek at phone screens that light up, ruffle wrappers, slurp sodas, and loudly gobble handfuls of popcorn.*

Not so during A QUIET PLACE. The entire place was quiet as can be. Which I found crazy... and compelling... and a huge compliment to Krasinski, Blunt, and all involved in making the movie.

A QUIET PLACE is so very...

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Saturday movie review: Money Monster

When soggy skies dampened plans for my husband and me to go on a bike ride over Memorial Day weekend, we resorted to Plan B and headed to the movie theater for a matinee. Though we knew next to nothing about the plot line of MONEY MONSTER, we figured anything starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney and directed by Jodie Foster had to be good.

money monster poster 

It didn't take long for me to realize the plot of MONEY MONSTER was far from what I imagined. I thought for sure there'd be some sort of romantic leanings between the stars. I was quite grateful, though, to find out that wasn't the case at all. Instead, Clooney and Roberts are...

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Weekend movie review: Secret in Their Eyes

The movie SECRET IN THEIR EYES is about a lot of things. It's about a team of investigators working diligently to nab terrorists following the September 11 tragedy. A team that ends up involved in and forever changed by investigating the heinous rape and murder of the daughter of one of their own.

Secret in Their Eyes DVD

It's also about unrequited romance. And choices. And loss and regrets and revenge and the...

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Saturday movie review: October Gale

Most regular readers of my movie reviews likely realize I favor independent films. And actors who star in independent films.

Two of my favorite independent film actors—Patricia Clarkson and Tim Roth—star in this week's movie review film, OCTOBER GALE. The film also stars Scott Speedman, whom I've enjoyed watching grow as an actor since first seeing him in the TV series Felicity years ago.

October Gale

OCTOBER GALE is a romantic thriller seemingly designed for older movie watchers in the mood for...

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Saturday movie review: Runoff

What might a loving wife and mother do in hopes of pulling her family from the brink of financial disaster? It's that question that creates the intrigue and suspense in the beautifully filmed, understatedly acted RUNOFF, an independent film written and directed by Kimberly Levin in her narrative film directorial debut.

runoff movie 

Betty (Joanne Kelly) loves her husband, her two sons, her farmland community...

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Saturday movie review: 'The Book Thief'

I'm always a little leery of movies made from books I love. So when I saw that one of my favorite books of the last several years, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, was being filmed, I vacillated between being thrilled thrilled filmmakers loved it as much as I did and being reluctant to watch it when it came out just in case those filmmakers screwed it up.

I'm happy to report screenwriter Michael Petroni...

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Saturday movie review: 'Gravity'

When GRAVITY, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, came out in theaters, I wasn't all that sure I wanted to see it. From the initial trailers, it seemed there'd be a few minutes of excitement followed by a very quiet hour or so of Sandra Bullock floating around in outer space.

Gravity on DVD

Even after the film garnered all the positive reviews...

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