Stag party at Grandma's

Stag party at Grandma's

Most evenings, just before dusk, our deer neighbors make a pre-dinner visit just across the street from our house. Deer as in doe a deer, female deer, that nibble and nosh on the grainy goodies our human next-door neighbor—right or wrong—puts out for the local wild ones.

Sometimes it’s two or three does, sometimes more, sometimes their little ones, too. Occasionally a buck butts his way into the fray, but it’s typically all gals as the guys seem to favor a supper spot farther up the street.

One snowy afternoon last week, though, it was the big boys who stopped by.

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They're back! Plus, GRAND Social No. 220 link party for grandparents

They're back!

For many years and through most seasons, we could count on seeing a small herd of seven or so deer in our neighborhood at various times throughout the day. Mostly in the evenings or when I walked the dogs (now just dog) in the mornings. Up until about three months ago.

We started noticing the absence of the neighborhood deer the beginning of summer and throughout, except for a lone female we'd spot now and then seemingly in search of the family that had left town without her. (Not that I anthropomorphize or anything.)

Last week as Jim and I headed home from my picking him up after work, we noticed neighbors gawking at something or another as we turned onto our street. Turned out it was deer! I hurried into the house, grabbed my camera and documented the return of the deer to our 'hood. Several of them. From two big guys on down to to two wee ones with a couple does in between.

neighborhood deer

Hooray! They're back!

I don't know...

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