Snow at last! Plus GRAND Social No. 290 link party for grandparents

Snow at last! Plus GRAND Social No. 290 link party for grandparents

Snow at last

Though much of the country has had far more snow this winter than want and know what to do with, the Pikes Peak Region — the place I call home — has had nothing measurable nor magical.

Saturday we got measurable, we got magical, we got happy thanks to moisture-filled snow that fell most of the day.

Of course, as is typical for Colorado, snowy skies Saturday transformed into sunny skies Sunday. Temps rose little, though, so the blanket of white stuck around and created an enchanting winter wonderland Jim and I — and Mickey Dog, too — enjoyed viewing from indoors.

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Three-word Thursday: New camera lens

(Jim gave me a new telephoto lens for Christmas. This is my first shared photo using that lens, taken from my living room window.)

(PS: This week you got Three-word Thursday instead of One-word Wednesday because, to be quite honest, I forgot what day it was when I wrote yesterday's post. The holidays can do that to you.)

(PSS: Words italicized and in parentheses don't count in post word counts today.)

Today's question:

What unexpected gift did you receive for Christmas, tangible or intangible?

Momentary refuge

This past summer has been one of the driest on record, in my home state as well as others.

Wednesday, though, it rained. All. Day. Long.

Come Thursday morning, my back yard was very, very happy. 

Ah, such a dreamy place to be. Even Mickey and Lyla couldn't help but take turns gazing out at the beauty it beheld.


Okay, I admit it. I'm liar.

Lovely as the yard was to me, that's not at all what the dogs were enjoying. No, Mickey and Lyla were enjoying being mean little doggies, terrorizing the squirrel who's made a home in the top of that arch.

The squirrel in turn squawked and complained at the top of its lungs from the tree branch where it had managed to find refuge before a dog snagged its tail. yard. 'Twas such a peaceful place.

For a moment or two.

Today's question:

What kind of magnificence—or mess—has the recent weather created at your place?