Springtime treat: Bird Nest No-Bake Cookies

Springtime treat: Bird Nest No-Bake Cookies

Several years ago, I shared here how to make Bird Nest Cookies. Considering spring has finally arrived, I figured itโ€™s high time to share the scrumptious springtime treat once more.

Hence, this kinda, sorta rerun of Springtime fun: Bird Nest Cookies, which published April 30, 2013, back when Brayden and Camden were itsy bitsy boysโ€”my only grandboys at that pointโ€”who loved to bake (or create no-bake) goodies with Gramma.

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Throwback Thursday: 4 spring walks to take with grandkids

Throwback Thursday: 4 spring walks to take with grandkids

This #TBT piece by Lisa Carpenter originally published April 21, 2015 on Grandma's Briefs.

Put on your walking shoes and head out with the grandkiddos. Here, four ideas for savoring spring while out and about.

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Psycho spring! Plus, GRAND Social No. 250 link party for grandparents

Psycho spring!

Mother Nature took advantage of April Fool's Day on Saturday to make much of Colorado think spring's arrival was but a joke and we were still in the depths of winter.

I shared on social media Saturday the wintery outlook from various windows around my place. Here, my Instagram share — three brief videos (click each photo a time or two to start the snow; click the arrows on the sides of each pic to go back and forth through the three):


Currently at our place. #springtimeintherockies #snow #spring #yayformoisture #colorado

A post shared by Lisa Carpenter (@grandmasbriefs) on Apr 1, 2017 at 12:19pm PDT


Clearly was just a joke, though, as 24 hours later, my husband and I were sitting on the back deck enjoying sunshine, blue...

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Spring activities for kids! Plus GRAND Social No. 248 link party for grandparents

Spring activities for kids!

Today is the first day of spring! Yay!

Need some ideas for spring activities with kids? Here are 10 suggestions for sharing with the grand youngsters. Though the video says the fun is for preschoolers, I think kids up to age 10 would certainly appreciate and enjoy most of them, too.

Have fun! May spring 2017...

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GRAND Social No. 95 plus a sneak peek of spring


The weather at my place was incredible this past weekend. Despite snow — lots of it! — on Friday, temperatures teased the 70-degree mark on Saturday and Sunday.

It was a sneak peak of spring that made me long for the sights to come, such as this...

hummingbird swing

And this...

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My backyard buds

A weekend of record-breaking temps and abundant sunshine caused many a plant at my place to burst forth with joy far sooner than they typically do.

Here are a few shots I took around my yard Saturday and Sunday:

Of course, the guy below was pretty happy with the warmth, too, as was his camera-shy cohort who slithered away before I could capture them together—in a photo, not in my hands!

Today's question:

What signs of spring are you seeing around your place?