Too soon for snow?

Too soon for snow?

With Labor Day in the rearview mirror, who's ready for snow?

Too soon?

It's not too soon in the Pikes Peak Region!

On Sunday (which, admittedly, was before Labor Day, not after), Jim and I headed to the park bright and early for the annual Labor Day Lift Off hot-air balloon festival in Colorado Springs (which is where I captured these colorful shots in 2015). We set up our …

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As the season slips away: 6 summery somethings I still want to do

summer sunset

Kids are back in school. Pumpkin-flavored coffees pour forth from the coffee shops. Halloween candy and costumes line the shelves at the stores.

It seems fall has arrived full force despite the calendar still showing summer on the schedule.

As September 21 — the official final day of summer despite what the retailers profess — creeps closer, I'm mulling over the summer sorts of stuff I meant to do and didn't. A few stand out that I still want to do, still hope to do, before I can no longer...

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From the archives: Four for fall

Having blogged for more than seven years, I have oodles of goodies stored away in the Grandma's Briefs archive, goodies that rarely see the light of day because they go way, way back. At least seven years or so.

Today seems a perfect day to pull out some of those well-seasoned posts, a few of my favorite fall-themed features you just might have missed.

fall recipes and fun



My shortlisted October loves... in no particular order:

1. The sun has shifted south. Whereas summer...

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Fall visits the desert

My daughter Megan loves living in the desert. The only time she misses the seasons of Colorado is in the fall. Fall simply isn't the same where saguaros grow tall and javelinas roam wild.

four-year-old at park

Earlier this week Megan texted some pictures to Jim and me. The weather was uncharacteristically fall-like in the desert, she said, so she took Mac and Jak—while Bubby was in school—to...

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Last of the hummers, plus GRAND Social link party No. 121

Last of the hummers

Now that we're well into September and our hummingbird feeder seemed to have no visitors the last few days, I figured all the hummingbirds had up and flown away for the season. I was wrong. One little fella spent much of Sunday sitting on a branch, standing guard over the hummingbird feeder hanging near our deck.


Each time another hummingbird...

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Photo replay: Farewell to fall

With the arrival of this weekend's snow and cold temps, time for me to give up hope for a resurgence of Indian Summer. I hereby officially bid farewell to fall with these end-of-season snippets from my back yard.

Today's question:

What's the weather like at your place today?

Farewell, summer whites

For reasons not perfectly clear, wearing white after Labor Day has long been rendered a faux pas of magnificent proportion.

With that in mind, I bid farewell to summer's flora and fauna that will soon cast their garments of white to the wind.

Today's question:

Do you flout or follow the fashion advice to not wear white after Labor Day?

One-word Wednesday: Snow


Well, that cooled me down a bit. I hope it did you, too. (Pretend you didn't just read that, though, for I'm supposed to be writing only one word. I simply couldn't resist.)

Today's fill-in-the-blank:

If I had awakened to snow this morning, I would _____________.

8 signs fall is nearly here

COMING THIS FALL!1. I had to throw on a sweater over my jammies while watching TV last night.

2. The USAFA Thunderbird jets have been loudly cavorting overhead, practicing for their shows of support during Air Force Falcon football games.

3. Visions of pumpkin bread have started dancing in my head.

4. Windows throughout the house are no longer left open at night.

5. Piles of catalogs arrive in the mail each day as retailers rally for holiday dollars.

6. Fall crafts are on clearance at Hobby Lobby as, typical of craft stores, current season decor is so last month.

7. I've given up watering annuals in the yard—flowers that never grew well, many that never even flowered at all, thanks to the blistering, record-setting heat of this past summer.

8. Best of all: Megan is lonesome for home...and has planned a trip here with Bubby and Baby Mac in a few weeks because fall is her favorite time of year in Colorado.

Mine, too!

Today's question:

What signals have you experienced of fall's impending arrival?