Saturday movie review: Special Correspondents

Not long ago, my husband and I saw a Graham Norton Show (our favorite talk show) episode in which his guests included Eric Bana and Ricky Gervais. They were plugging the upcoming release of their Netflix original feature film, SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS, written and directed by Ricky Gervais. From the giggles and guffaws their banter elicited from the host and other guests — as well as my husband and myself — I figured the comedy would be a fun diversion and quickly added it to my queue.

We finally got around to watching it last week, and it was indeed a fun diversion. Far different from most everything else in my Netflix queue, but far more fun, for sure.

special correspondents netflix film

SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS stars Eric Bana as Frank Bonneville, a self-absorbed radio journalist who hasn't reached the career level he hoped for and believes he deserves. Problem being...

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Saturday movie review: Man Up

We're taught that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I learned last week that the same should be said for movie titles — don't judge the film by its title.

If I had given in to my initial reaction to this week's film, MAN UP, based on its title, I would have missed out on a sweet, silly-yet-smart romantic comedy. The only thing that saved me from scrolling on by MAN UP while searching through Netflix was Lake Bell, whose understated, self-deprecating sense of humor always makes me chuckle.

man up movie poster

In the screwball comedy with an ill-fitting title, Bell stars as 34-year-old Nancy, who's single and

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Saturday movie review: The English Teacher

Julianne Moore is quite an accomplished actress, as we all know, especially in the drama genre. She can also be pretty funny, though, which I realized after recently watching THE ENGLISH TEACHER.

Moore stars with Greg Kinnear, Nathan Lane, Michael Angarano, and Lilly Collins (plus some other familiar faces) in this 2013 comedy, which never hit my radar at the time it hit the theaters but I serendipitously stumbled upon it on Netflix Streaming.

The English Teacher movie

Linda Sinclair (Moore) is a forty-something English teacher who has, pretty much

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Saturday movie review: Wild Canaries (update!)

Last fall I published a movie review on a screwball comedy called WILD CANARIES. I screened it as part of the 2015 Starz Denver Film Festival and at the time, there was no trailer for the film, no rating for the film, no release date for the film. Still, I was compelled to share with you then the wildly entertaining film.

Well, good things come to those who wait!

Wild Canaries film poster

I'm now compelled to tell you there is not only a...

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Saturday movie review: Wild Canaries

Unfortunately I cannot tell you when this movie will be released theatrically. I can tell you, though, that the minute you get the chance to see WILD CANARIES, you absolutely must. This funky, romantic, comedic, screwball murder mystery is in a class of its own and not to be missed.

WILD CANARIES directed by Lawrence Michael Levine stars Levine as Noah and his...

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