Saturday movie review: Finding Your Feet

Saturday movie review: Finding Your Feet

In real life, a cheating husband and an estranged sister are hardly cause for warm fuzzies or fits of giggles. In the British romantic comedy FINDING YOUR FEET, though, the husband gets what he deserves, the sister holds the key to healing, and the audience reaps the uplifting reward of watching a spurned woman dance her way to a happy place she never imagined might exist.

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Saturday movie review: A Royal Night Out

When I watch films billed as "based on a true story," I figure the full film is pretty much, as noted, true. With a few dramatic or comedic liberties taken, of course. I assume it tells the complete story.

When I watch films marked as "based on actual events," though, I usually spend a fair amount of time considering which scenes might be true, which might not. Which are the actual events. Usually. Yet while enjoying A ROYAL NIGHT OUT — a movie supposedly based on actual events — I didn't. Because the rom-com drama was such fun, I simply didn't want to know in the midst of its magic what truly happened, what was screwball silliness or romantic dreaminess added for cinematic effect.

a royal night out movie

I certainly did wonder afterward, I assure you. Even did a wee bit of research before embarking on writing this review. (More on that later.) See, A ROYAL NIGHT OUT is "the untold story of Princesses...

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Saturday movie review: Amira & Sam

I'm not one for mushy, gushy romantic movies, aka "chic flicks." At least not very often. I do, though, enjoy films that have a decent dose of romance—minus the mushy gushy—wrapped up in a good story.

The quirky romantic comedy AMIRA & SAM is my kind of film, with a good balance of sweet and silly amidst some serious social issues.

Amira & Sam DVD

Sam (Martin Starr) is veteran Marine Sargent who's returned home to NYC after...

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Saturday movie PREview—and giveaway: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The last time my husband and I went to see a movie at the theater, we did as we always do: Jim headed off for the popcorn while I made my way to the theater to nab our seats. As I sought out the correct theater, a middle-aged couple walked just ahead of me. Suddenly the woman stopped in her tracks as her hubby kept walking. The woman was mesmerized by the movie poster in the hallway.

As I got closer, I realized what had caught her eye... and I joined her in front of the colorful, oversized promotion for THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL.

second best exotic marigold hotel

"I can't wait to see this! Did you see the first one?" she asked in dreamy tone.

"Oh, yeah," I said in an equally smooth voice as we...

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Saturday movie review: 'The One I Love'

Trying to encourage folks to see a film when you can't tell them anything about the plot or you'll completely ruin the film is a tough thing to do. But that's exactly what I'll attempt here with the quirky, completely unpredictable THE ONE I LOVE.

See this film. The end.

the one i love movie

No, really, you should see THE ONE I LOVE despite my inability...

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Saturday movie review: 'Unfinished Song'

Vanessa Redgrave and Terence Stamp star in a lovely, poignant film that deserves far more attention than it's been given. UNFINISHED SONG is a 2012 movie that never played in my town, possibly never played in yours either. It's now playing on Netflix Streaming, though, and I urge you to add it to your queue. Heck, don't just add it to your queue — watch it this weekend!

 Unfinished Song

UNFINISHED SONG was originally titled "Song for Marion," which seems a far more appropriate title. Vanessa Redgrave brilliantly plays Marion, the terminally ill...

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Saturday movie review: 'Elsa & Fred'

Ah, new love. There's the goose bumps, the first kiss, the exhilaration, the dining and dancing and deciding when the time has come to spend the night together. And, of course, there's the baggage of past relationships and the awkwardness of introducing a new love to the ol' family.

Or so it goes for young lovers in the movies.

Elsa & Fred

So goes it for older lovers in the movies now, too, namely in...

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Saturday movie review: 'Austenland'

Movies based on the lives of authors or anything remotely related to authors, though often good, tend to be, well, a tad stuffy and serious. That is so very much not the case with AUSTENLAND. And yes, the "Austen" part of the title does indeed relate to the esteemable Jane Austen, author of such classics as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park and So. Many. More.


A comedy about dear Ms. Austen? Well, it's not...

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Saturday movie review: 'Enough Said'

I love that movies in which characters face — and struggle with — an empty nest are becoming more and more popular of late. I've been there, know how difficult it can be. So such movies resonate deeply with me and make me more full appreciate that I've made it through the initial challenges of accepting the change and loss and embrace (for the most part) the opportunities and delights of this phase of life.

Enough Said

Which is why, even though I'm not a middle-aged divorcee in search of...

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Saturday movie review: 'Love Is All You Need'

Valentine's Day weekend begs for a romantic comedy to watch, and LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED perfectly fits the bill for us middle-aged movie lovers. Actually, I think it fits the bill for all adult movie lovers, middle-aged or not, who crave an uplifting story about heartbroken people still hoping to find love and happiness.

 Love Is All You Need movie

LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED is a delightful bilingual film — Danish and English, with subtitles for...

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