Saturday movie review: The Leisure Seeker

Saturday movie review: The Leisure Seeker

As of today, my husband and I have officially been together thirty-seven years. Which means we have much in common with longtime married couple John and Ella Spencer whose late-life road adventure is told in the comedic drama THE LEISURE SEEKER.

Unlike John and Ella Spencer, though, my husband and I don't own an RV in which we could make an impromptu — and mildly madcap — getaway from our grown kids. Also unlike the Spencers, we Carpenters are thankfully not facing the effects of Alzheimer's and its devastating effects on even the most dedicated marriage partners and their future.

Despite those differences between us and them, my husband and I were thoroughly captivated by THE LEISURE SEEKER. As we watched, we alternated between chuckling at...

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Saturday movie review: The Fundamentals of Caring

Paul Rudd has created a career primarily out of funny films. I like him best, though, when he's not funny. I'm not talking comedic bits that crash and elicit crickets. No, I mean his dramatic roles where he reveals more heart than humor that most endear me to Mr. Rudd.

I found Rudd's most recent part of that sort, in THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING, more endearing than any before.

The Fundamentals of Caring Netflix Original

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING is a Netflix Original film and I must first give kudos to Netflix for...

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CA Highway 1 Discovery Route destination: Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery

As grandmother to three rambunctious grandsons and another equally active stepgrandson, I've seen my share of children engaging in play battles with one another. From wrestling on the trampoline to Wii wars to Nerf gun wars, I'm no stranger to the competitive, creative capers of kids.

Which is why I never imagined one of the highlights of the mother/daughter trip my oldest and I were treated to along the California Highway 1 Discovery Route (compliments Highway 1 Discovery Route) would be watching little ones battle it out with one another. Yet when the little ones were not so little at all — hundreds and hundreds of pounds, in fact — and elephant seal babes instead of human babes, my daughter and I were enchanted by the action (and inaction) taking place at the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery just north of San Simeon along California's Central Coast.

elephant seal rookery 

My daughter and I were instantly intrigued the moment we got out of our car and leaned over the railing separating the massive marine animals from the curious animal lovers enjoying...

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2015 Subaru Legacy road trip: Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Disclosure: I was provided a 2015 Subaru Legacy free for one week for review as part of the #SubaruLegacy blogger program. Opinions are my own.

As regular readers know, I once owned a 2015 Subary Legacy 3.6R Limited. For a week. As part of the #SubaruLegacy blogger program.

During that week, I had a fun-filled day with my friend Ruth, part of which included a road trip in the Subaru Legacy to Paint Mines Interpretive Park.

#SubaruLegacy Red Rock Canyon

What regular readers may not know is that at the end of that week, Jim and I took a road trip in the Subaru Legacy across town to Red Rock Canyon Open Space—one of the many...

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2015 Subaru Legacy road trip: Paint Mines Interpretive Park

I was provided a 2015 Subaru Legacy free for one week for review as part of the #SubaruLegacy blogger program. Opinions are my own.

Last month, I had a sleek and chic sedan for a week. A 2015 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited, which I told you much about in this post right here.

During the week I had the Subaru Legacy, I visited a few places nearby that I'd never been to before despite having lived in the area for more than thirty years. One spot I toured: the Paint Mines Interpretive Park in Calhan, CO. My friend Ruth of Cranium Crunches—a devoted fan of minerals, gems, and geological wonders of any sort—was in town for a day and was delighted to sit back in the comfy passenger seat of the Legacy and head off to the Paint Mines with me.

The Paint Mines Interpretive Park is an overlooked gem of a place many folks in Colorado and beyond may not...

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6 best bits: West to Westcliffe and my week driving a 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited

The town of Westcliffe is one of my favorite spots in Colorado. My mom had property outside of town for quite a few years, and my husband and I used to take our daughters camping there a few times each summer for several summers in a row. Some of our most memorable family fun took place in Westcliffe, with the Sangre de Cristo mountain range providing a spectacular backdrop.

Though our favorite camping spot was sold many years ago, my family and I still enjoy the scenic trip west to the tiny town—where my dad now lives. Coming around the curve just before town and seeing the Sangres spread out before us never fails to take our breath away.

subaru outback sangre de cristos

The trip to Westcliffe, with its steep grades and twisty-turny pass through the...

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Road trip to Granny, plus GRAND Social No. 130 link party

Road trip to Granny

Most of my weekend was spent in the car. Jim and I headed out early Saturday morning to drive up to the Black Hills of South Dakota to visit his mom — as well as his sister and brother-in-law, who graciously host us during visits. Sunday morning we hopped back into the car for the trip back to Colorado.

 boomer son and aging mother

It's a long and relatively uneventful (and butt-numbing) trip, but...

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Photo replay: Going to California

Mac and Bubby hit the road Friday, headed to California, where Mommy Megan will run her first-ever full marathon.

boys on road trip

Good luck to Megan, for whom my heart swells with pride as I consider her conquering 26.2 miles. On foot.

May the luck o' the Irish be with her — and with everyone else today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!