Throwback Thursday: Rock on!

Throwback Thursday: Rock on!

This #TBT feature originally published on Grandma's Briefs June 15, 2012. Thank you for reading this rerun!

Jim and I had overnight guests Wednesday night. It was a short and simple hosting stint as we were merely the midway stopping point for extended relatives going from here to there. Nothing draining, as guests—even the most beloved, most welcomed—can often be. Once our guests left and the house was empty, though, I wanted nothing more than to grab my cup of coffee and sit out on the back deck in my rocking chair.

So I did. I…

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The Saturday Post: Puzzling edition

It's Saturday. There are chores to do, of course, but I sure don't feel like doing any of them. Do you?

I have the perfect remedy. Actually, Beverly of How Sweet The Sound, provided the perfect remedy. Each week, Beverly posts a puzzle for her "Puzzle Friday." As many of you know, I love puzzles. So after seeing how calm, cool and relaxing it is on her site, I decided to copy Beverly and post a puzzle here today. For all of us to do. Instead of doing our chores.

So here it is. Kick back, relax, and connect the pieces to find yourself floating along on a tiny boat, adrift somewhere in the Italian mountains. Ah, sounds so much better than laundry and dusting, wouldn't you say?

Click to Mix and Solve

If you're relaxation-challenged and really must consider the time clock accompanying the puzzle, go ahead. I didn't rush (the point is to relax) and clocked in at 14:38.

Today's question:

What was your time on the puzzle? (It's not a race; that's just the only relevant question I can think of in this relaxed state. Plus, in all honesty, I just want to see if you really did the puzzle or not.)