Oh do you know the pumpkin grandma?

Last Saturday, I decided to make use of the pumpkins I purchased for carving, then never got around to carving.

So this is what I did:



Bake.Baked!Scrape ... into a food processor.Process.Wonder if it's supposed to look like applesauce. Check the recipe ... Yes, it's supposed to look like applesauce.End up with a HUGE bowl of pumpkin puree.An amount equal to this many cans!Bag it ... and line up for the pumpkin can-can, Rockette style.

"Take us to your leader!"Use one bag to make one of these. Yum!Use the innards to make these: Sweet-n-Salty Pumpkin Seeds.There you have it! That's how I spent 90 percent of my day last Saturday. But it was worth it.

Thing is, that was two pumpkins. I have three more pumpkins to go!

Today's question:

What's your favorite thing to make with pumpkin? Feel free to share the recipe.