Photo replay: Walking partners

My walking partners for the week:

Baby Mac & Bubby — April 18, 2012

They'll surely be easier to keep up with than Mickey and Lyla. Especially because if we happen upon a wild animal, they'll run from it rather than to it like the dogs do. I hope.

Happy Sunday, one and all!

Photo replay: Batman returns

Ever since being transformed into a super hero, Bubby has been obsessed with all things Batman—despite having never seen a single Batman movie, cartoon, or series episode.

Thursday Megan sent me a text of Bubby posing for Gramma, decked out in his Batman shirt—which Megan says he likes to wear three days at a time—and the Batman mask GG (his paternal great-grandma) cut from a cereal box along with the awesome Batman card he's holding.

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Today's question:

What super powers do you wish you had today and why?

Photo replay: What about Lyla?

Last Sunday I showed you photos of all my animals. All except one, that is: Lyla. Even Jim—who doesn't care much for our adopted little gal—asked, "What about Lyla?"

So today I make amends for leaving out an important part of our family. I present to you Lyla (whom I captured just before she leapt after the squirrels on the deck):

Happy Sunday to you!

Photo replay: Snow delight

The week Bubby visited, the weather was the best autumn offers: clear skies, resplendent sunshine, warm days and crisp nights.

The morning Megan and the boys were leaving for home, Bubby threw open my bedroom door first thing, exulting, "Gramma, it SNOWED!" 

Other than a few freak flurries in the desert, it was Bubby's first experience with real snow, accumulating snow. Such a delight!

Today's question:

When do you expect to see your first snow of the season? Or have you already?