Grilled Grandmas?

Grandma Liz and her precious grandkiddosGrandmas are a big deal in the life of a child. And since I started blogging, I've met and heard about so many wonderful grandmas who boldly underscore that.

Now I want to pay homage to them -- and to many other grandmas -- on this tiny little platform I have in the blogosphere. By grilling them!

Today I launch a new feature called Grilled Grandmas. It's where I pose a few questions (hence the "grilled") to a grandma then share her answers with all who stop by Grandmas Briefs.

You can get to know my first Grilled Grandma, Grandma Liz, by clicking here. And you can find Grilled Grandmas any time by clicking on the Grilled Grandmas tab at the top of this page.

And ... I'm looking for more grandmas to grill! So if you are a grandma, have a grandma or know a grandma (I think that covers just about everyone!), let me know about it and I'll add her (you?) to my list for future grilling.

I look forward to meeting, grilling and sharing with you lots more grandmas! And I look forward to reading lots of your comments about the great ladies I highlight.