The Saturday Post: Political ads that don't make you wanna puke edition

Are you as sick of political ads as I am? I don't believe a single word said in a single ad this time around, from either candidate. Such hatefulness and negativity does nothing for me, certainly doesn't make me want to mark my ballot for someone who only denigrates their opponent rather than honestly lay out their plans and raise up Americans to proudly follow their lead.

Dwight Eisenhower was the first to air political campaign ads on television, in 1952 (according to this post from Open Culture). What a long, downward spiral we've taken since Ike's happy jingles and direct answers.

(This last one is erroneously marked as from 1956, but it's 1952.)

I agree with Ike: It is indeed time for a change—starting first with elimination of all the negative and mean-spirited campaigning.

Best wishes for a weekend free of all political ads. Other than those above, of course.

Happy Saturday!