Saturday movie review: La La Land

This movie review will be like no other. Because LA LA LAND is like no other movie — at least not any other movie released in the past several decades.

LA LA LAND is, though, similar to the magical musicals of the '40s, '50s and early '60s, those spectacular song-and-dance spectacles that swept viewers away. Made them swoon, smile, sometimes sob a teensy bit. Those cinematic wonders moviegoers experienced not simply watched.

Which makes LA LA LAND special, worthy of a special review.

la la land movie

So instead of telling you about LA LA LAND, I'm going to show you LA LA LAND. Or as much as I can find to share without...

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Saturday movie review: Rudderless

A lot of actors seem to think that because they act, they can direct. Every once in a while, they're perfectly correct and prove to have what it takes to combine a heartfelt and well-written script, spectacular performances from top-notch actors, a spot-on soundtrack, and all the other necessary ingredients to make a beautiful, memorable film.

William H. Macy's directorial debut, RUDDERLESS, unquestionably lands him in that category of actors who turn out to be awesome directors.

rudderless movie

RUDDERLESS stars Billy Crudup, Anton Yeltchin, Felicity Huffman...

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