The Saturday post: Siblings singing sweetly

The Saturday post: Siblings singing sweetly

It’s high time I get back to sharing something or another on Saturdays, be it a movie review, inspirational—or informative or humorous or must-see—video, or merry music-making of some sort.

I’ve chosen to restart Saturday posts with the latter, a short spot of siblings sharing their souls through song. It’s sweet and simple and something all our souls…

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Flashback: Everyday inspiration

Flashback: Everyday inspiration

I'm not a world-traveler who finds inspiration in ancient ruins, artful masterpieces, or in architectural—or natural—wonders.

I'm also not one of the fortunate few privileged to find inspiration in luculent discourse with the likes of Maya Angelou or other great orators of our time. (Although I have heard in person the likes of Kurt Vonnegut. And David Sedaris. More than once.)

No, I don't get my inspiration from such high-brow—and high-cost—pleasures. Yet.

Instead, I find inspiration—the impetus to be bigger, better, and more than I am—in everyday things. Things such as…

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Brains on music, plus GRAND Social No. 293 link party for grandparents

Brains on music, plus GRAND Social No. 293 link party for grandparents

Brains on music

Let's kick of the new week with music, as who doesn't love music?

More accurately — for the purpose of this post — who doesn't love what music does to the brain?

Exactly what is it that music does to the brain? Well, take a look at this intriguing video on such that I saw on social media yesterday:

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Throwback Thursday: The tunes they are a changin'

Throwback Thursday: The tunes they are a changin'

This #TBT piece by Lisa Carpenter originally published March 24, 2011 on Grandma's Briefs.

I'm proud to say my family is musical. We dabble in playing — a guitar and piano here, a recorder and ukulele there — but it's in the listening to music that we really excel. As a whole, our hearts, minds and ears are open to myriad genres, everything from classical to Christian, country to show tunes, hard rock to soft rock and many that aren't really rock at all. We even have our family favorites in the rap genre. (I must admit, though, jazz and easy listening rarely pass notes in our homes, our cars, our iPods, or Spotify queue.)

Music plays a prodigious and powerful role in our family, which is why...

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My The Voice prediction! Plus, GRAND Social No. 208 link party for grandparents

My The Voice prediction

I'm not much of a fan of country music. There are a few artists in that genre whom I enjoy listening to, but when naming my favorite tunes and talents, country songs and singers aren't among them.

I am a huge fan of The Voice, though. And this current season, which wraps up tomorrow night, has been pretty much the best, featuring the best talent so far. It's also the season that's turning me into a bit of a country music fan. At least where one artist is concerned.

The one artist? Adam Wakefield. I love this kid. He's an amazing musician... and has proven his skill in singing and playing southern rock and blues (faves of mine) as well as country. I have no doubt he can sing most any genre he sets his heart on.

I also have no doubt that — and here's my prediction — Adam Wakefield will win this season of The Voice. Yes, I put that in writing. His most recent performance is just one of the many reasons why:


Of course, if you don't watch The Voice (and how could that be?), you...

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Saturday movie review: Alive Inside

I shared a video a few years ago here on Grandma's Briefs of an elderly nursing home resident who amazingly comes out of the fog of dementia when headphones connected to an iPod are placed on his head. ALIVE INSIDE is the full documentary of that magical moment as well as others experienced by several dementia and Alzheimer's patients when given the opportunity to once again hear beloved tunes from days long gone. Joyous moments that prove music is far more powerful than pharmaceuticals.

Alive Inside documentary

In ALIVE INSIDE—winner of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award (Documentary)—filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett follows social worker and founder of Music & Memory, Dan Cohen, as he brings music to nursing home residents, via iPods and headphones. The results...

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Saturday movie review: 'Unfinished Song'

Vanessa Redgrave and Terence Stamp star in a lovely, poignant film that deserves far more attention than it's been given. UNFINISHED SONG is a 2012 movie that never played in my town, possibly never played in yours either. It's now playing on Netflix Streaming, though, and I urge you to add it to your queue. Heck, don't just add it to your queue — watch it this weekend!

 Unfinished Song

UNFINISHED SONG was originally titled "Song for Marion," which seems a far more appropriate title. Vanessa Redgrave brilliantly plays Marion, the terminally ill...

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Saturday movie review: 'The Sapphires'

My husband and I scanned Netflix streaming the other night, in search of something uplifting and fun yet unrelated to the holidays. We happened upon THE SAPPHIRES, a 2012 film I had heard great things about but that we never had the opportunity to see in theaters here in Colorado, where the mountains are high, the skies are blue... and the independent film scene is dismal. 

Thank heavens for streaming movies, for THE SAPPHIRES turned out to be one serendipitous and soulful find.

The Sapphires

The film is an Australian musical dramedy loosely...

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The Saturday Post: Grandma-roots-for-Adele edition

The Grammy Awards are tomorrow. Though I don't typically watch them, I just might this time. Because of Adele. I want to see her first major performance since having surgery on her vocal chords in November, and I want to see her win. The breathtakingly talented and beautiful 23-year-old (23!) is nominated for six Grammys.

Adele garnered three nominations—Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Short Form Music Video—for this song and video:

And she's nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance for this song:

Rounding out the six are Adele's nominations for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album for 21.

I hope she makes a sweep of it, walking away with the Grammy in every category she's been nominated.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be watching—and definitely rooting for awesome Adele.

Today's question:

Who and what are some of your current favorite artists and songs?

The Saturday Post: Movie mash-up double feature edition

I love a good movie-clip mash up, and this week I was treated to two of the best I've seen in quite some time.

The first came to me by way of VSL and is movie clips made into song—a song we all know and (maybe) love...and will be humming the rest of the day.

(Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.)

The second was sent to me by my friend Kate, who kindly posted it on my Facebook wall. It's a scary one and, as noted with her original post, should be watched with the lights ON. (If you don't like scary movies, scroll back up and watch "Hello" again instead. Seriously.)

Both very well done indeed!

Enjoy your Saturday...and your "Hello" earworm!