Saturday movie briefs: My top four true tales seen in 2017

Saturday movie briefs: My top four true tales seen in 2017

I'm a fan of films of a vast range of sorts. There's something about films based on true stories, though, that seems to smack me in the heart the most. (Which is a good thing.)

In 2017, four films in particular smacked my heart hard and firmly established for themselves a forever spot on my list of memorable movies as well as top spots of those seen in 2017.

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Saturday movie brief: Recent stinkers to avoid

During intervals between must-see movies making it to my mailbox from Netflix or streaming services finally showing a film my husband and I have long waited to see, we opt to watch movies we just kinda-sorta thought might be fun or interesting. Movies that might rise above our relatively mediocre expectations.

The following movies we recently watched on DVD were in that category. Each offered something or another that caught our eye, that we thought might capture our attention to while away 90 minutes or so in front of the TV screen.

They all pretty much stunk. We wasted our time and I'm here to warn you not to waste yours.

movies that stink


The trailer made it seem this film might resonate, elicit a chuckle

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Saturday movie brief: Spring 2017 must-see wish list

Spring is not my favorite season for film releases. My favorite time for such is late fall and beyond, when studios focus on films for the holiday — and award — seasons.

That said, there are a few films coming out this spring that I can't wait to see. One I have already seen — GIFTED — thanks to a recent screening, but I'm including it on the list because it's one I definitely think you should see, too (watch for my movie review of it scheduled for next Saturday).

My spring 2017 movies-to-see wish list

The Zookeeper's Wife


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Saturday movie recommendations: Our post holiday viewing

My husband and I recently discovered a few new streaming series to binge watch (Z Nation and The Crown at the top of the list) so we've spent less time on films of late. Which has severely narrowed my options for Saturday movie review posts.

That said, we have watched a few movies in the past month or so worth recommending. Some on DVD or streaming, and one in the theater.

Why recommend rather than review? Well, reviewing the first one just wouldn't be right as a review would surely reveal a major plot line that you must not know in order to fully appreciate the film. So I'll simply recommend it here versus review. The other two recommendations I've thrown in to make for a more meaty post. And because I liked them.

My three recent movie recommendations, three movies to consider adding to your Hmmm... Maybe We Should Watch That list:


Collateral Beauty ...

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Saturday movie PREview: Flicks coming this summer

As I've spent a fair share of the past week packing and picking projects and fun for sharing with my grandsons during my current visit (hooray! I'm in the desert!) I've had no time to watch films. Not on DVD, Netflix, or in the theater.

So instead of giving you a Saturday movie review today, I'm giving you a Saturday movie PREview. Of lots of films.

Here's a quick sampling of the bigger films...

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Saturday movie request: This or this or this?

I've not been to the theater to see a movie in months, and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I must go this weekend. I must. As there's only time for one film, though, I can't make up my mind what to see.

So I'm asking you. Instead of giving you a review of something on DVD, I'd like to as what you recommend for viewing in the theater. I've narrowed it down to these three:


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Flicks for kids — plus 'Muppets Most Wanted' printables

I've been sharing movie reviews on Saturdays for quite some time now — and you won't want to miss tomorrow's! — but those I share on Saturdays are pretty much all adult flicks, no kid fare.

We grandparents enjoy kid fare, too, though... right? For the grandkids, of course.

flicks for kids

With that in mind, here are a few...

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Saturday movie review: 'Captain Phillips'

Sometimes movies based on true stories fail to intrigue viewers because audiences already know the full story, the outcome. Not the case with CAPTAIN PHILLIPS. At all.

Captain Phillips DVD

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS was released on DVD Tuesday, and Jim and I were thrilled to have it in our hands Tuesday afternoon. (Thank you, Netflix!) We watched ...

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Coming next week: Monsters University and Last Vegas

Welcome back to a Saturday post on Grandma's Briefs. I've taken weekends off from blogging since the beginning of summer. During that time, I most missed sharing movie trailers with you — which were often the primary subjects in my The Saturday Post posts because I love movies so.

In light of that, Grandma's Briefs is back on Saturdays, with a movie double feature!

Going forward (at least until we all tire of it), each Saturday I'll share with you my picks of the upcoming week's movie releases — one on DVD and one opening in the theaters. Some I've seen, some I plan to see. Either way, I count them as the best bets of the week's releases for Grandma's Briefs movie lovers.


Out on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday, Oct. 29:

Monsters University

Monsters University
2-Disc Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy
Rated G


Opening in theaters Friday, November 1:

Last Vegas

Last Vegas
Starring: Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman
Rated PG-13
105 minutes


Enjoy your Saturday!