Saturday movie briefs: My will-see list (so far) for the 40th Denver Film Festival

Saturday movie briefs: My will-see list (so far) for the 40th Denver Film Festival

The 40th Denver Film Festival is in full swing, and today I head to Denver for another screening.

My ride to Denver — with Jim in the passenger seat — is the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Premium plug-in hybrid Toyota provided me for week one of the film festival. (Coincidentally and completely unrelated to my loaner vehicles, Your Hometown Toyota Stores sponsors several of the festival presentations, including LAST FLAG FLYING and ...

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Saturday movie briefs and reviews: Summer intermission

movie review intermission

As I, like most folks, am spending more time outside than in front of screens of any sort or size during the summer months, I'm here to let you know I will not be posting Saturday movie reviews nor Saturday movie briefs throughout the summer.

I will return after Labor Day, though. And in the meantime, if you find yourself seeking movie recommendations of varied sorts, please scroll through my archives of Saturday movie reviews.

Cheers, dear movie-loving grandmothers and others! And cheers to making the most of our far too few summer Saturdays!

Saturday movie review: Oscar time replays

I've spent far more time playing with my grandsons (or preparing to) this week than I did in front of screens watching movies. Hence, no movies recently watched, so no movies to review for today.

In light of that and the fact it's Oscar season, below are three movies I reviewed in the past year that have been nominated for 2015 Academy Awards. Just in case you missed my original review — or would simply like to refresh your memory — I offer you links to these reviews:

boyhood movie

BOYHOOD — Nominated in several categories, including...

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Saturday movie review: Two to avoid

If you've read my Saturday movie reviews very long, you likely know that offbeat films and those that, despite fabulous writing and acting, somehow flew under the radar of average movie-goers are my favorite sorts of flicks.

Third Person movie

Because of those preferences, I thought for sure the following two films would thoroughly intrigue and garner raves from me. Oh, how much more wrong could I be? I typically share movies reviews on films I'd love for you to see; today, though, I'm compelled to tell you what to not see. I watched through to

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