Dad's cool profession

My son-in-law, Preston — father to my two grandsons — is a financial advisor. Now, adults likely get the importance and necessity of a person who is whiz-bang awesome with money. Kids, though? You might think kids wouldn't see financial advising as all that cool of a profession, especially for their papa.

If that is what you think kids might think, I'm here to suggest that you just might want to think again.

You see, there are plenty of cool aspects to financial advising, especially from the perspective of kids whose dad just happens to be a financial advisor.

For one thing, financial advisor dads have supercool piggy banks they give their clients to share with their kids.

Supercool piggy banks that the financial advisor dads share with their own kids, too.

Piggy banks that look sort of like this (for copyright reasons, I can't share the real thing here):

blue piggy bank 

Even cooler? Financial advisor dads regularly give presentations on money to businesses and organizations.

Using a projector.

A projector that — every once in a while — the financial advisor dad brings home for his family to have the most awesome of movie nights.

Movie nights that look exactly like this:

movie night

Now how cool is that?

(And how cute is that? Especially that Mac's little body doesn't even fill the entire ottoman as he kicks back to enjoy the show, just like his big brother.)

Yep, financial advising is indeed a pretty cool profession for dads.

Even more cool for their kids.

Just ask Mac and Bubby.

Piggy bank photo: stock.xchng

Today's question:

My dad was a plumber. What was your dad's profession?

Successful gifting

Last night's festivities with my grandsons included swapping Christmas gifts. I asked Megan if we could open gifts early in my visit rather than near the end to give me a few days to enjoy watching the boys make use of the gifts—pillow chaises for movie time (and reading and resting)—that I'd made with love, just for them.

You never know for certain how things will go over with handmade gifts, especially those made for youngsters who have no filter when it comes to expressing their opinions and feelings about presents and other matters. It took no time at all, though, to see that the work I put into their presents was well worth it.

Along with an accompanying gift of a few movies—including Monsters, Inc., their favorite—and bags of Gramma's confetti popcorn as movie snacks, this is one gift to Bubby and Mac I can mark as a sure success.


Today's question:

What is your favorite movie snack?