Can I grill you? Plus, GRAND Social No. 199 link party for grandparents

Can I grill you?

Some of you may recall a feature I started here on Grandma's Briefs soon after I started up the site. It was (and still is) Grilled Grandmas, a Q&A with various grandmas of various ages and stages, many of whom are still active in the Grandma's Briefs community, linking here, commenting there. You can check out the numerous grillings I published of fabulous grandmas willing to share their wisdom and wit — and photos of their grandkiddos, too — by clicking right here or on the Grilled Grandmas tab at the top of this page.

I put Grilled Grandmas on hiatus a while back, mostly because I ran out of grandmas to grill. But... there are so many relatively new grandmas in the online grandma community, I'd like to get back to publishing grillings of any grandmas who would like to be featured. Which is where YOU come in.

If you're interested in being featured as a Grilled Grandma and having...

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Trivia Day! Plus, GRAND Social No. 188 link party for grandparents

trivia owl

Trivia Day

So you thought the holidays were done and over? Oh, no, no, no. Today, in fact, is another holiday. Of sorts. One you've perhaps never heard of. I minor one, I do admit, yet a holiday just the same.

Sort of.

You see, today is...

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Desert bloom, plus GRAND Social No. 185 link party for grandparents

Desert bloom

It's been quite cold in Colorado since I returned from my visit to the desert last week. Perhaps it's the fact I came home from the desert that makes Colorado seem a wee bit chillier than usual. It's been icy and snowy and cold the past few days, which makes it even more incredible to think that just one week ago, I was shooting photos of the sun-loving flowers blooming on the bushes in my grandsons' back yard.

Flowers such as this... of which I have no idea the name (does anyone?):


Just looking at that magnificent desert...

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A grand ONE! Plus GRAND Social No. 159 link party for grandparents

A grand ONE!

Seems not that long ago that I announced my third grandson had arrived. Yet it was long ago—a full year tomorrow, to be exact.

Tomorrow, Baby Jak will be one year old! Not so much a baby anymore.

first birthday 

Happy first birthday to silly—and strong-headed—Jak! Gramma...

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