That time I surprised my birthday girl with a 2017 Lexus GX460 luxury SUV

2017 Lexus GX460 luxury SUV

My youngest daughter turned 32 years old the first part of July. When I asked what she'd like for her birthday, Andrea requested only that my husband and I go to church with her that day, to her church in Denver, which we'd never visited before. And MOANA on DVD, too.

The wishes of my Disney-loving daughter seemed rather small, so I decided to throw in a surprise. A 2017 Lexus GX460 luxury SUV sort of surprise!

Not for the birthday girl to keep, of course — though if my budget allowed, I'd certainly hand her the title without question. But thanks to help from Rocky Mountain Redline and a vehicle courtesy DriveShop, I did manage to surprise Andrea with a special mode of transport on her special day. In the 2017 Lexus GX460, my baby girl was chauffeured in style around Denver, to and from...

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Seeking practical, finding poignant

The latch on the door to the cabinet where I keep my kitchen garbage needs repair. It won't stay closed. And though I know it won't stay closed without me fiddling and finagling the broken latch to keep it shut, I open the darn thing each time I need to throw something away.

With Jim still as broken as the door — hobbling about on crutches and currently unable to help with even the smallest home repair — I'm determined to fix the thing myself.

"Why don't you just switch the garbage to the other side?" one of my daughters asked... after she'd opened it when I warned her not to as I had just finagled the thing shut... again.

It doesn't work that way, I told her. I've opened that door a billion times to throw something away. Moving the garbage can to the other side won't change my habit of opening the current side. I have no doubt I would still open the darn broken door out of habit, still have to fiddle and finagle the door to stay shut.

The other night I told Jim I was going to run to Lowe's to get a new latch. "Don't!" he said. "I'm pretty sure I have another in the garage, in one of those drawers."

Unable to go through any of "those drawers" himself, I headed out to the garage yesterday morning to look for the spare cabinet latch.

After an hour or so, I came back with this...

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No GRAND Social link party this week? Long story made short

Astute readers of Grandma's Briefs and regular participants in the weekly GRAND Social link party for grandparents may have noticed something amiss this week. That being that there was no GRAND Social link party published on Monday, yesterday, as it has been for a couple years now.

I sincerely apologize for that. It's a long story why the GRAND Social is MIA. But as it's late Monday night and I just returned from the hospital as I write this, I'll make the long story short by simply sharing what I just posted a bit ago on my personal Facebook page. (Plot point: Yesterday was my birthday.)

My long story made short, copied from Facebook:

Colorado sunset

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Here and Now: February 26, 2015

The second edition of my new Here and Now feature...

here and now grandma's briefs

On my mind...

Why can I recall every single word of songs from my youth that I now hear only once a year or so yet simply CANNOT get down the lyrics of current hits I hear on the radio at least once a day? Is it age? Is it because...

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On life and not just getting through


Not long ago, I realized I repeat myself. Again and again and again. The same phrase.

Lest you think I’ve developed a tic, let me explain. 

Mid-summer last year, I faced some medical challenges. Despite the distress, I still had to maintain my home, my family, my connections, and — most time-consuming of all — my freelance job (you don’t work, you don’t get paid). I began noticing I’d accomplish each...

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