This is what 100 looks like

Bubby's kindergarten class recently had its 100th Day Celebration. Under the direction of their fabulously creative teacher — otherwise known as Bubby's mom and my daughter — my eldest grandson and his classmates marked the 100th day of school by attending class dressed as "oldies" (perhaps because they were no longer newbies) and sharing items that represented 100 to them.

I'm not sure what items Bubby shared, but my grandson proved...

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Bells will be ringing, plus GRAND Social No. 65

Today the school bell rings and Bubby sets out on his education journey. First stop: Kindergarten!

kindergarten student

That's the proud student at his Open House last week as he got his first glimpse of his classroom and teacher. (Do note that the sign in Bubby's hands, pre-photo editing, had Bubby's real name not his bloggy name, handwritten by himself. So cute!)

Meeting a new teacher can be a wee bit scary for little ones, but not Bubby, for his teacher is none other than his mom! This will be Megan's first year teaching at a public school rather than private, and she and Bubby both lucked out with her kindergarten assignment.

Good luck and best wishes to Bubby on his first day in kindergarten! Good luck and best wishes to my daughter Megan, too.

Cheers to a great year for all kiddos and all teachers as the school bells ring!

And for all us grandparents and other Grandma's Briefs readers, cheers to GRAND Social No. 65! Thank you for joining me!

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Bubby can read!

Bubby recently graduated from pre-school, with plans to move on to kindergarten this fall.

Having a mother who's a teacher means Bubby has the privilege of private tutoring sessions to prepare him for the new school year. Here is one of his first lessons with teacher Megan, er, Mommy:

My, how time flies. Seems it wasn't that long ago that I posted photos of my precious grandson playing with his poop. Now he reads — unquestionably, a more pleasant pursuit.

Today's question:

Who was instrumental in helping you learn to read?