Saturday movie review: Dough

The movie DOUGH is about Muslims. And Jews. And immigrants. And marijuana-infused baked goods. All hot topics in our current volatile (and often downright vile) political climate.

Unlike political discussions on such hot-button immigration, race and religion matters, though, DOUGH leaves no sour taste for viewers.

DOUGH movie

While DOUGH touches on — embraces even — serious issues, the British comedy drama turned out to be quite sweet and digestible. Because of the story and honest performances more so than the bakery goodies featured throughout.

The bare bones of the humorous and heartwarming plot: Nat Dayan (Jonathan Pryce), an aging Jewish bakery owner struggling to keep afloat his family business in London's East End reluctantly hires the troubled son of his Muslim cleaning woman, Safa (Natasha Gordon), an immigrant from Darfur. Ayyash ...

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Saturday movie review: Brooklyn

Immigration is a hot topic right now, though most of the talk focuses on negative aspects related to those who seek a better life, legally or not, in America the beautiful. In stark contrast to the anger, ire, and divisiveness the word elicits in today's heated (and hate-filled) political climate, immigration as depicted in the Oscar-nominated film BROOKLYN inspires and warms the heart, focuses on possibility and positivity.

I far prefer BROOKLYN's take on the topic.

brooklyn movie poster

The romantic drama BROOKLYN tells the story of Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan) who, in the '50s, left her homeland of Ireland in search of the American dream. Eilis' older sister, Rose...

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