Deck blessings! Plus, GRAND Social No. 210 link party for grandparents

Deck blessings!

May is always a challenging month in Colorado, weather wise, as temps rise and fall in grand rollercoaster fashion. It can be in the 70s one day, blizzard like the next, sunny and clear the day after. Once June arrives, though, the chance of snow has pretty much disappeared and summer-like spring days are more the norm.

Last Friday was such a day. I decided to soak up the sun while kicking back on my deck for an afternoon nap. Three minutes into it, though, I gave in to the natural blessings surrounding me and opted to grab photos instead of shut eye. Here are a few shots of what I caught, never moving more than a few feet from my Adirondack chair.

backyard birds...

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Last of the hummers, plus GRAND Social link party No. 121

Last of the hummers

Now that we're well into September and our hummingbird feeder seemed to have no visitors the last few days, I figured all the hummingbirds had up and flown away for the season. I was wrong. One little fella spent much of Sunday sitting on a branch, standing guard over the hummingbird feeder hanging near our deck.


Each time another hummingbird...

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GRAND Social link party No. 104 plus a humming snow bird

A humming snow bird

One of the nature centers in my city hosts an annual hummingbird festival the first weekend or two of May, the time when hummingbirds begin arriving to the area. The 21st Hummingbird Festival was held Saturday, and though I was in Boston until Saturday night, I understand the weather was fabulous for the festival and hummingbirds were appropriately honored.

hummingbird at feeder

Sunday morning it quickly...

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