No preamble! GRAND Social No. 211 link party for grandparents

No preamble!

No beginning banter on this week's GRAND Social link party, just a sincere prayer for the victims of the heinous massacre in Orlando as well as continued prayers for their families and loved ones.

GRAND Social No. 211

Thank you so much for joining me again, sharing links, reading links, enjoying the diverse doings and writings of grandparents acrooss the web. I appreciate you.

grand social link party

How it works:

  • All grandparent bloggers are invited to add a link. You don't have to...
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Changing the rules! Plus, GRAND Social No. 190 link party for grandparents

Changing the rules

must read must share

For 189 weeks now (that's one hundred and eighty ninety!) I've invited grandparent bloggers to share links to their humorous, informative, and personally revealing blog posts. And it's been wonderful!

Now, in week 190, it's time to change the rules. Because not every grandparent who reads Grandma's Briefs is a blogger. And because many of those...

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Here and now: June 18, 2015

Snippets and such from my week.

clock and book 

On my mind...

Bubby! Today is his official birthday. Seven years ago today, this handsome young man's arrival into the world rocked my world and transformed...

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