9 people you'll meet as a grandparent

people grandparents meet

Otherwise known as the in-laws, or the other grandparents. These folks are now your partners for life in this grand gig called grandparenting. Partners in loving your grandchildren as only grandparents can. Hold them close. Have their back and they'll...

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Changing the rules! Plus, GRAND Social No. 190 link party for grandparents

Changing the rules

must read must share

For 189 weeks now (that's one hundred and eighty ninety!) I've invited grandparent bloggers to share links to their humorous, informative, and personally revealing blog posts. And it's been wonderful!

Now, in week 190, it's time to change the rules. Because not every grandparent who reads Grandma's Briefs is a blogger. And because many of those...

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Get your answers here: Letters to grandchildren, extra servings of Lisa

I like to help folks out. Because of that, I'm always pleased to see that some of what I offer up here on Grandma's Briefs meets the wants and needs of those seeking answers online. I'm talking about the search queries that lead folks here and the answers I (sometimes unintentionally) provide.

For quite some time, one of the top search queries that lands seekers on my site is related to writing to grandchildren. For example, in the past week — just the past seven days — these are a sampling of the searches in that vein that show up in my blog stats:

  • handwritten letterletter from grandmother to grandson
  • letters to a grandchild going away to college
  • grandmother letter to granddaughter
  • i love you message + to grandchild
  • letter from grandma to grandson
  • letter to grandson from grandmother
  • letter to my grandson
  • letter from grandmother to granddaughter
  • little letter to my grandson
  • letter to my newborn grandson
  • what a great grandmother writes to her first great grandchild
  • how to write a letter to my new grandson
  • letter to granddaughter on her wedding day
  • letter to your newborn granddaughter
  • unborn baby letter from grandparents
  • 1st birthday letter for grandson
  • love letter to unborn grandchild
  • message to unborn granddaughter
  • ideas for letter for grandchild starting kindergarten

I noticed the trend a while back, wrote about it a while back, and now offer the answer to that particular search, regardless of how it's worded, right here in How to write a keepsake letter to a grandchild.

No-Crust CheesecakeI also get a lot of search queries related to food. I like food. I like to share food answers, otherwise known as recipes. In the past week, I received several queries for no-crust cheesecake, breakfast pizza, and blackberry cobbler — though it's a blueberry cobbler recipe they find here, with info on using any fruit, so I guess it serves up their answer just the same. I'm happy to help out any time anyone wants a recipe, if it's one I have in my Recipe Box.

I'm also happy to help out any time anyone wants information on Zori Sandals. What? Well, I reviewed Zori Sandals a while back, and it has been at the top of my search query list for quite some time. In fact, in the past seven days, six people have landed here in their search for such, despite my review — the one right here — being more than a year old.

There also are other miscellaneous searches for grandma things that I've provided answers for in the past week, things such as (in the exact search terms) a list of things grandmas need at their house, modern day names for grandmothers, gardening with grandchildren, and countless other "grandma" sorts of stuff.

Queries such as those are easy to answer, easy to see how folks ended up here. What's not so easy? Well, try these recent queries on for size — all searches that resulted in web users landing in my little corner of the online world:

  • it seems that grandmas always need a little one to hold (meh... kind of reasonable, I suppose)
  • mothers of daughters like me
  • "spanking spoon" diapers mom
  • And the real kicker and ultimate head scratcher: but i wont do that underwear (Surprisingly, there were two searches for that!)

Ultimately, though, my favorite recent search query had to be when someone simply requested "extra servings of lisa, please."

I hope that seeker found all she'd hoped for and then some — especially because she said "please"!

Today's question:

As I mentioned, I enjoy helping folks out. So what would you like to see more of here on Grandma's Briefs? More grandma stuff? More recipes? More giveaways? More essay-type posts? More this and that related to... well... you tell me. What kinds of "extra servings of lisa" would fill you up when visiting Grandma's Briefs?