Battling the bug! Plus, GRAND Social No. 337 link party for grandparents

Battling the bug! Plus, GRAND Social No. 337 link party for grandparents

Battling the bug!

My three grandsons from the desert (and their parents) spent the long MLK weekend at our house, to celebrate Benjamin’s baptism. It was a fast but fabulous family time and I have much to share of our couple of days together. But I haven’t yet… because I’ve been battling a persistent bug of a stuffy, snotty sort ever since the boys headed home. I’ve had neither the energy nor inclination to post the pics nor share the story, but hope to—nay, plan to!—soon.

Not only has my battle with the bug kept me from regaling you all with shots and such from my…

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Grand greetings! Plus, GRAND Social No. 331 link party for grandparents

Grand greetings! Plus, GRAND Social No. 331 link party for grandparents

Grand greetings!

When my daughter Megan sends out her annual Christmas cards, she typically catches up on sharing photos of Brayden, Camden, and Declan she’s not gotten around to sending earlier in the year. Sweet stuff like these school pictures and sports shots enclosed with this year’s card:

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If you give a grandma a gift

If you give a grandma a gift

Most kids know what happens if you give a mouse a cookie. Perhaps nearly as many know what happens if you give a pig a pancake. How many, though, know just what happens if you give a grandma a gift? In particular, if you give a long-distance grandma who's been oh-so lonesome for her grandsons the most heartfelt gift they've ever given?

My grandsons recently learned what happens if you give such a grandma such a gift. And trust me, it wasn't pretty.

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A grand monster mash! Plus, GRAND Social No. 277 link party for grandparents

A grand monster mash! Plus, GRAND Social No. 277 link party for grandparents

Hooray for Halloween! And for Halloween fun courtesy JibJab!

Do you make JibJab videos featuring your grandkiddos? I made a fun one for Halloween and hoped to embed it here for all to see. Alas, JibJab no longer allows users to download their videos for embedding (boo!), so here are a few screenshots of my creation.

I'd love for ya'll to see the silliness in full, though, so if you have a sec, click on over to my grand monster mash mixup for ghoulishly goofy Happy Halloween wishes from...

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BTS 2017: Grandsons and good teachers

From the look of their first-day-of-school photos (which I nabbed from my daughter's Facebook page), my grandsons lucked out with caring and personable teachers for the new school year.

brothers first day of school 2017

Camden kicked off kindergarten with a super-sized grin — sporting the empty spots...

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Big little things! Plus, GRAND Social No. 232 link party for grandparents

Big little things!

My three grandsons along with their parents arrived at my house late last Wednesday evening for a brief visit. We had several big-time activities planned for the three days Bubby, Mac, and Jak were scheduled to stay, and we successfully executed most of those big-time plans. We went to the Denver Aquarium, Casa Bonita (a Denver tradition), The North Pole, and more. Big. Time. Fun.

It's the not-so-big-time things that I especially appreciated while my grandsons stayed at my house, though. Little things such as when Bubby and Mac accompanied Mickey and me on our daily walk the first morning of their visit.


My two oldest grandsons posed in front of Pikes Peak, marveled at the neighborhood deer, took a turn leading lucky Mickey, pocketed...

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Pie faced! Plus GRAND Social No 186 link party for grandparents

Pie faced!

Happy Christmas week!

I gave my grandsons and their parents their Christmas gifts from PawDad and me when I visited them a couple weeks ago. One of the gifts I gave Bubby, Mac, and Jak was the game Pie Face. It was an instant hit with Mac, who exclaimed, "OH! I wanted this game for Christmas!" as he enthusiastically ripped off the wrapping paper.

pie face game 

Bubby — who doesn't like whipped cream, a main ingredient of Pie Face game play...

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Grand desert hike

I'm not typically up for going on hikes with my grandsons when I visit their place, though hiking is one of the family's favorite activities. It's usually so stinkin' hot in the desert that heading out for supposed fun in the sun among cactuses is far from my idea of a grand time.

The other day, though, the desert weather was uncharacteristically mild and suited to Gramma's liking, thus perfect for hitting the trails with Mac, Jak, and their mommy.

hiking with grandsons

The hike was rather short due to...

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Pool pals, plus GRAND Social No. 184 link party for grandparents

Pool pals

I had the good fortune of being at my grandsons' house the day they finally — after months that felt like a bazillion years to three rambunctious boys — got to put on their swimsuits and get into their new swimming pool for the very first time.

The words "wet" and "wild" pretty much sum up our Sunday. The word "happy," too.

grandma and grandsons swimming

Just two days remain in this pre-Christmas...

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NO Saturday movie review: Slides not screens

Slides and sand—and grandsons, too—won out over screens of any sort this past week, so I've not watched any movies, have no movie review to share today.

One glance and I'm sure you'll understand:

brothers on slide

The Saturday movie review will return one week from today!