Growing boys

My grandsons continue to grow and mature in ways that continually astonish me. This past week, Megan provided proof of the rapid rate of growth for both Bubby and Mac.

Bubby — who is age 5, remember — made a to-do list of all he hopes to accomplish during his Christmas break from kindergarten:

child's to do list

Translation, per Megan...

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Newfound skills

Hard to believe, but one week from today, Grandma's Briefs will be four years old.

My very first post, published July 25, 2009, featured a Bubby that looked just like this:

one-year-old boy

Now, four years later, here is that precious baby boy displaying for Gramma some of his newfound skills:


I'm pretty proud of how far Grandma's Briefs has come since that first post four years ago. I'm even more proud of how far Bubby has come since that first post four years ago.

The kid is indeed awesome... times four and more!

Today's question:

Of Bubby's newfound skills, which are you best at?

Oh, how they grow

When I visited my grandsons last weekend, it had been only two months since I'd last seen them. We all know, though, how quickly kiddos change and grow, so in those two short months Bubby and Mac changed and grew in myriad ways.

Here are just a few:

Mac no longer sits in a high chair or needs help going up and down the (carpeted) stairs.

Bubby says things such as, "Gramma, you don't need to worry about me because I know how to use scissors now" when doing crafts and, "I'm going to build a contraption" when explaining how he plans to proceed with his play.

Mac says big words, too, at least for a 14-month-old. Words such as bubble and book, uh-oh and down, Mama and more.

Bubby no longer calls out from the bathroom, "I'm done...!" and can now wipe himself.

Mac no longer eats crayons—most of the time—and can now color with his brother.

Bubby has figured out how to do cartwheels on the trampoline.

Mac has figured out how to lie on his tummy in the bathtub—something he refused to even attempt until this past Saturday night.

Bubby has also figured out how to flatter the ladies—especially Mommy—recently delivering this perfect line after she kissed him goodnight: "Mommy, sometimes your kisses are better than snacks."

Oh, how they grow.

One thing Mac and Bubby haven't outrown, though, is loving on and posing for pictures with Gramma.

Oh, how I hope they never do.

Today's question:

In what ways have you recently noticed that your grandkids or kids have grown?