Grandma Christmas crafts matter

Grandma Christmas crafts matter

The year my husband and I were married, his stepmom, Diane, whom I had never met and Jim hadn’t seen in years, sent us a lovely joint Christmas stocking she had made for us. She also sent an adorable handmade one for baby Brianna, who was born soon after we married.

Diane sent another precious stocking the following year, when Megan was born. And another two years after that for our baby Andie.

When Megan and Preston married and…

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Grandma shares a brush with the blues... and greens and reds

I landed in the desert Tuesday afternoon with two big suitcases jam-packed with fun stuff to share with my grandsons (gotta love Southwest's free baggage policy!). I kid you not when I say I packed into my bags more stuff to share with Bubby and Mac than I did clothing or toiletries for my five-day stay.

Now, my Grandma Bag is a given when visiting my grandsons, so that was squished into one of the two suitcases. And I'd recently received some Halloween review books — lots of books, heavy books — plus several review toys, DVDs, and other goodies. Those were packed, too.

My grandsons enjoy books just as much as they enjoy toys, so I knew the books would be a hit. I knew, too, the toys and games were sorts that would make them smile. What surprised me, though, was the response from grandsons when I shared with them a toiletry product I'd received in the mail mere days before my trip. I received it not for review — so this is not a review nor a sponsored post — but just to try and soon share my thoughts on the product with the makers and marketers.

So, despite all the crafty, creative, cool goodies I'd toted the 800+ miles from the mountains to the desert in hopes of entertaining my grandsons, what impressed them immediately and utterly was this:

Yes, that's toothpaste.

Bubby and Mac begged — and I do mean begged — to brush their teeth as soon as I showed them the colorful package. When they were finally allowed to use the special paste from Gramma for bedtime brushing, there was no stopping them.

Bubby and Mac tried every color, every flavor combination. They brushed fully and completely several times before finally accepting there'd be no more brushing for the night.

The first thing they wanted to do when they got up Wednesday morning? You guessed it: brush... with each color. Twice.

I still have several books and crafts and toys left to share from my suitcases (a grandma has to pace herself when sharing the spoils). I doubt any of those items yet to be enjoyed, though, will come even close to pleasing Bubby and Mac as much the colorful and tasty toothpaste that dazzled and delighted.

Their unexpected enthusiasm over toothpaste — toothpaste, of all things — dazzled and delighted me.

It also made me consider I've now paid my dues for foisting upon Megan and Preston the sugar-high aftermath of the farewell gift I presented my grandsons last time I departed the desert after a visit.

Added bonus: As the package of toothpaste included three full-size tubes, I'd say I'm protected from penalty for whatever sweet and sticky goodness I dole out to the boys upon leaving Saturday, as well.

Be afraid, Megan and Preston, be very afraid.

Today's question:

What is your toothpaste of choice?