Saturday movie review: The House With a Clock in its Walls

Saturday movie review: The House With a Clock in its Walls

Jack Black is quickly becoming my favorite star of thrillers. Thrillers of the family friendly sort, that is. I was intrigued by his turn as author R.L. Stine in 2015’s GOOSEBUMPS and endlessly amused by his role as Bethany—yes, a girl!—in the slapstick silly yet oh-so suspenseful JUMANIJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. Three’s a charm with THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS, wherein Black plays mysterious and mesmerizing Jonathan Barnavelt, who lives in a creaky, creepy mansion that has a tick-tocking heart heard in the dark of night.

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Wherein I review the DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine by WITTI Design

dozzi dresser.jpg

My newest grandson will soon arrive, and the baby shower for his mama — my eldest daughter — is on the calendar. With Brianna's shower scheduled, all things baby have been on my brain lately. She'll receive a nursery glider from her dad and me (not a secret, so no spoiler here) but I plan to present her with a few other little goodies, too, as grandmas do.

Yet as I peruse the possibilities, everything seems so, well, generic, typical, common. All that's on Brianna's registry is adorable, yes, but I'm looking for something a little different, useful gifts versus...


Still time to Just Sing! Plus, GRAND Social No. 239 link party for grandparents

Still time to Just Sing!

The holidays have long been gone, the peak time for gift-giving has passed.

Grandparents give gifts throughout the year, though, and are always on the lookout for goodies to give their grands.

Just Sing from UbisoftWhich is why it's not too late to Just Sing. Well, to learn about Just Sing!

See, long before the holidays, I received free for review the Ubisoft karoake game, Just Sing. It's for the XBox One. I planned to have my grandsons play, er, sing along with it when they visited in November and I'd publish a post on it soon after. In time for my grandparent friends to consider it for holiday giving to their grands.

As my 2016 luck might have it, my <cuss> Xbox One wouldn't function correctly. My grandsons never got to Just Sing while here. Buuut... as my 2017 luck might have it, the Xbox One now functions properly (it all had to do with my modem needing an upgrade, not the Xbox, actually).

So though my grandsons didn't get a chance to Just Sing, I have. And it's great fun that I must share with you — sans videos of my off-pitch attempts, of course — in hopes...

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DIY gift: Creative and colorful coffee cups

DIY gift: Creative and colorful coffee cups

On the lookout for inexpensive DIY goodies for holiday gifts? (And who isn't?) Here's an idea that went over swell for my youngest daughter's birthday this past summer.

Andrea loves coffee as much as her mother. For her birthday in July, she requested a set of special cups from which to drink and share her favorite breakfast drink. She even directed me to some ideas on Pinterest.

I accepted the challenge, tweaked a few Pinterest pictorials, and came up with these—a unique gift that cost less than $10.

diy coffee cups

What you need:

• Inexpensive, white ceramic mugs...

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