The Saturday Post

The other night as I chopped vegies for a salad for dinner, the red onion was surprisingly sweet. Not in terms of taste, but in terms of what I found as I sliced the onion.

See for yourself:


Aren't those sweet? After one slice revealed a precious heart in the middle, I sliced ... and sliced ... and sliced. I sliced far more onion than Jim and I would ever eat on one salad, and every single slice had a heart (or two or three) embedded in the center.

I took pictures, of course, and wondered if anyone has created a website dedicated to food that looks like something else.

Sure enough. One quick google and there it is: MOFA: The Museum of Food Anomalies, "An online exhibition of the Art of Regular Food Gone Horribly Wrong."

Some of the MOFA wonders include a "happy-on-the-inside" pepper, a smiling calzone, an "Edvard Munch Honeycomb," the requisite Virgin Mary banana chip, and -- my favorite -- Happy Beer. Check it out.

Soon the museum will also include my sweet little red onion hearts -- perfect for Valentine's Day.

Eat your heart out!