On spidorpions and refrigerator art

On spidorpions and refrigerator art

My grandsons live in the desert, where creepy crawly things reside, too.

Most of those creepy crawly things — primarily scorpions and lizards but sometimes other icky things — though horrifying to me, are merely common sightings for Brayden, Camden, and Declan. Nothing to write home, I mean, write Gramma about.

The boys — and Megan — recently encountered a critter like none they'd encountered before. One they weren't even sure what it was. First Megan, then Brayden, then Camden described...

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On kids and creepy crawlies

On Monday, I kicked off the GRAND Social link party by sharing a text from my daughter Megan about the scorpion family she found in her kitchen. Based on the comments to that post, I probably should have included a mention that Megan does indeed have her home regularly sprayed for the creepy crawly things that reside in the desert. The "Bug Guy" — as the scorpion (and other stuff) sprayer is affectionately called by Megan and her clan — visits so often, in fact, he's virtually family.

Or such was the case with one of Megan's long-standing bug guys. Even I met him a time or two during my desert visits. This particular bug guy was an affable man, quite conversational and clearly concerned with the safety and well-being of my daughter and her family. It saddened Megan so when her beloved Bug Guy moved away.

Alas, as bug guys are a necessity in the desert, Megan found another... one who sprays as frequently as her former favorite. But being the desert and all, certain creepy crawlies do manage to escape the bug man's poison and strut their stuff now and then, both inside and outside the homes of even the most diligent bug destroyers.

huge beetle 

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Sunday morning texts! Plus, GRAND Social No. 264 link party for grandparents

Sunday morning texts!

There's nothing quite like Sunday morning texts from beloved kids who have grown and flown.

To wit, the following texts I received Sunday morning from my middle daughter, Megan, mama to my desert-dwelling grandsons:

scorpion text message 

Am I right? Nothing quite like...

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Picture this: Hot air here and there

Many of you know I'm a long-distance grandma. I live in the mountains, and my grandsons live more than 800 miles away in the desert.

Yesterday I shared some of the things unique to my home in the mountains, things likely to delight my grandsons because they're things Bubby and Mac will find only at my house.

Today, though, I share something we both have, something found here at my home in the mountains as well as there in the desert.

A recent view from my back yard:

And a recent view from their back yard:

Balloons in the morning sky are a common occurance at their place and a common occurance at mine — no balloon festivals required.

Seems there's just as much hot air in the mountains as there is in the desert.

At least when it comes to balloons. (Thankfully just balloons.)

Today's question:

Have you ever ridden in a hot-air balloon or would you ever want to?