Saturday movie review: The Bachelors

Saturday movie review: The Bachelors

Coming-of-age films โ€” one of my favorite movie genres โ€” relate a character's transition from childhood to adulthood. Many times, the death of a loved one precipitates the maturing of the young guy or gal featured in the film.

I'd like to propose another category of film: coming-to-terms films. Like coming-age-films, the storyline of coming-to-terms tales feature a person dealing with the death of a loved one. Difference being, though, that the character is far beyond childhood or adolescence coming-of-age doesn't accurately describe the emotional transformation of the guy or gal.

For the purposes of reviewing the dramedy THE BACHELORS, let's just say coming-to-terms films is indeed a recognized film category. Because that's...

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Saturday movie review: Coming Through The Rye

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I never read Catcher in the Rye. At least I don't recall reading J.D. Salinger's classic.

I kinda sorta remember thinking a few decades ago that I should read it, because, ya know, it's a classic that everyone has read. In my hazy recollection of that time, I think I may have started reading it but didn't finish because I didn't care for it. Or maybe I did finish it but it didn't resonate with me because I was a young mom with three kiddos under the age of five at the time, not a cynical male teen.

Whatever the case may be, I don't know the story that resonated with millions.

COMING THROUGH THE RYE is about one of those millions who did read the book, one of those millions for whom the tale not only resonated but changed their lives.

Coming Through The Rye movie

The endearing coming-of-age film is based on true experiences of filmmaker James Sadwith, who...

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Saturday movie review: Sing Street

I have never been an Irish teenage boy. Especially not one who idolizes pop musicians and desperately longs to be one in hopes of securing the attention and affection of a pretty girl so they can run off together to create a brighter future far away from parents on the brink of divorce.

I have, though, been an American teen who idolized musicians and longed to be one — Barbra Streisand? Stevie Nicks? — in hopes of creating a brighter future far away from parents on the brink of divorce. Whether I secured the attention and affection of a cute guy or not.

Which is why SING STREET resonated deeply with me. Why it made my heart sing.

sing street movie 

Writer and director John Carney (ONCE, BEGIN AGAIN) masterfully captured the intense feelings of adolescents — across the globe, throughout generations — who crave and voraciously...

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Saturday movie review: The Edge of Seventeen

Nearly everyone reading this movie review is likely a grandparent. Or at least far beyond the high school years.

Despite the decades since those tumultuous years kids are continually told to appreciate because they're "the best years of your life," we all easily recall our school days... and how very not the best years they were for many of us.

the edge of seventeen movie

THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN is a film for teens. Older teens. And older folks (i.e., adults). It perfectly captures the angst, insecurity, and absurdity of...

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Saturday movie review: The Fundamentals of Caring

Paul Rudd has created a career primarily out of funny films. I like him best, though, when he's not funny. I'm not talking comedic bits that crash and elicit crickets. No, I mean his dramatic roles where he reveals more heart than humor that most endear me to Mr. Rudd.

I found Rudd's most recent part of that sort, in THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING, more endearing than any before.

The Fundamentals of Caring Netflix Original

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING is a Netflix Original film and I must first give kudos to Netflix for...

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Saturday movie review: Ashby

Mickey Rourke is not a great actor. Though he's been in a few fine films, did fantastic jobs in them (THE WRESTLER, for instance), he's also had his share of stinkers (THEY CRAWL). Ever since seeing him for the very first time, though, in POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, I've enjoyed watching him on big screens and small.

I used to chalk it up to his good looks and bad-boy swagger. His looks are long gone, it's clear. Too many punches in the face? Too much alcohol? Drugs? Plastic surgery? I know nothing of what happened there — I'm not a rabid fan or stalker, just an admirer — hence ignorant about his personal life.

And Rourke's acting? Well, it's still not great.

Yet, regardless of his looks, acting chops, or the quality of the film he's in, Mickey Rourke continues to mesmerize me — and my husband, too. Which is nice because the fact Jim enjoys seeing him as much as I do saved me explaining my excitement upon discovering a newish (2015) film featuring Rourke streaming on Netflix. My husband was just as game as I to settle in and stream ASHBY, a quirky dramedy starring Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff, Emma Roberts, and Sarah Silverman.

Ashby movie on DVD

ASHBY is the story of 17-year-old Ed (Wolff), who's new at school, a little odd but outspoken, basically friendless. He's also smarter than the average football player...

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Saturday movie review: Goats

Coming-of-age films tend to be character-driven stories with minimal action. GOATS is no exception. The comedic tale of one young man's coming into his own and realizing that loved ones are still worth loving despite their flaws and failings has nearly no drama. It has lots of characters, though. As in, What a character! kinds of characters.

Goats movie

The main—and least wacky—character is Ellis (Graham Phillips), a 15-year-old kid soon departing for prep school, leaving his Tucson home where his...

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Saturday movie review: Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

The simple act of reaching out to make a friend, reluctantly or not, can change lives. That's the bottom-line takeaway I got from the coming-of-age dramedy ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL. The film is based on the 2012 novel written by Jesse Andrews and was a standout at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, winning the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award.

me and earl and the dying girl

Though rather comedic throughout, the themes of ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL are anything...

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