Shared pleasures and treasures

As grandparents, I think it's important to not only explore and enjoy the interests of the grandchild — like the hours we recently dedicated to trucks, Bubby's favorite thing in the world — but also for grandparents to share their interests with the grandchild. Sharing such things strengthens the grandparent/grandchild bond as the youngster learns more about what makes his grandparents tick. Depending on the interest, it also can lead to a lifelong shared interest, shared joy.

One of my favorite things is books, so I shared plenty with Bubby while he was here. We read My Name is Not Alexander, Share With Brother, Amazon Alphabet and more, including Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, which killed two birds with one stone: my love for books and Bubby's love for trucks.

One of Jim's favorite things is coins. Collecting them, counting them, sharing them, and searching for them. With Bubby.

In our back yard, Jim buried handfuls of coins specifically for "treasure hunting" with Bubby — an activity they've enjoyed together since Bubby was able to walk. Bubby delights in unearthing the "treasures" and taking them home to add to his piggy bank.


Without a doubt, treasure hunting makes for a far more exciting slideshow than book reading might. Plus, there are only so many photos of me reading in my jammies first thing in the morning — sans makeup — and even fewer I'm willing to post for people to actually see.

Today's question:

What interest do you enjoy sharing with others?