Snow, buds, and the truth about #SpringtimeInTheRockies

If you've been on social media a bit lately, you've likely come across the hashtag #SpringtimeInTheRockies here or there. If you live someplace other than the Rocky Mountain region, the hashtag may have conjured romantic visions of some sort or another.

For residents of the Rockies, the hashtag reads #ThatCrazyPsychoBullshitOfSpringtimeInTheRockies, the italicized part an unwritten given for those who know what springtime in the Rockies truly entails.

To wit:

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado — the Rockies. On Saturday we had snow (which I shared on Facebook):

On Monday, there was sunshine and...

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My backyard buds

A weekend of record-breaking temps and abundant sunshine caused many a plant at my place to burst forth with joy far sooner than they typically do.

Here are a few shots I took around my yard Saturday and Sunday:

Of course, the guy below was pretty happy with the warmth, too, as was his camera-shy cohort who slithered away before I could capture them together—in a photo, not in my hands!

Today's question:

What signs of spring are you seeing around your place?