Rapid recovery

late night phone call

Grandmothers and others know few things prompt panic in a parent's or grandparent's heart quite like a late-night phone call or text from a child. Even an adult child.

I received one such scary communication from my daughter Megan — mom to my grandsons — last Friday night. Granted, it was only 8:30 in the evening, 7:30 her time, but that's not a time my long-distance daughter and I typically talk or text. So my heart indeed flip-flopped a few times upon hearing her ringtone.

Camden hurt himself, she told me.

Long story short: The rambunctious kid had been rambunctioning about (my word) and demonstrating to big brother Brayden how awesome he was at holding his breath. Resulting in Camden — briefly — passing out. And landing, unconscious, on his head on the hard stone tile flooring found throughout much of their house. A tremendous goose egg on his head served as reward for the frightening feat.

Thankfully Megan's sister-in-law is a pediatrician, so...

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On art and brotherly love

My two youngest grandsons are great buddies. While big brother Bubby is off at school, Mac (4) and Jak (16 months) spend a lot of time together enjoying such things as kicking back on Mommy's bed to watch TV while Mommy gets ready for her day.

brother watching TV 

Their close connection doesn't keep Mac from throwing Jak under the bus now and then, though. Especially when it...

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Grandma's magnifying glass lesson

My two oldest grandsons, Bubby and Mac, love Scooby Doo and the idea of solving mysteries. So when I visited them in January, I brought along an old magnifying glass we had lying around.

The boys got a kick out of taking a closer look at bugs and rocks—as they previously had with a toy magnifying glass I once brought—and pretending they were on the path to discovering clues that might solve a case of an imaginary Scooby Doo and the gang sort.

magnifying glass and boys 

When I packed my grandma bag for this current visit, I figured I'd...

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All boy

As a mother, I had only daughters—no sons. Because of that, as a grandmother with two grandsons—no granddaughters—I relish each and every one of the all-boy moments I'm privy to. Moments such as the following, from my recent desert visit.

Challenging Gramma to go ahead and just try making him take the car out of his mouth:

And blowing raspberries each time she did...til Gramma put an end to that, too:

Figuring out one's favorite stance for rockin':

Each morning, right after breakfast, the boys immediately set to work at playing—in a surprisingly deliberate and focused fashion, showing serious commitment to the task at hand in a way I don't recall my daughters doing:

Though they did often take a break from their morning "work" to jump in their jammies:


Not exactly how my girls used to help Mom make cookies:

What could be more fun than popping bubble wrap?

Why, this...

...and this, of course.

Such fun, these boys who are indeed all boy—and Gramma's all-time favorite mini-males.

Today's question:

What recent all-boy antics have left you chuckling—or scratching your head?