New grandma on the blogging block! Plus, GRAND Social No. 226 link party

New grandma on the blogging block!

I often receive emails from grandmothers asking me how to start a blog. Well, I tend to have limited time for my own blog, and I'm far from a pro at blog building. (Heck, I still use an old version of Squarespace that doesn't even allow comment threading because I don't have the time to figure out how to move to an updated one myself nor do I have the money to pay someone to do it for me!)

So my standard reply is this: Visit this site and this site and you will gain all the knowledge you need to get started. Those are the sites that were instrumental in providing exactly what I needed to launch Grandma's Briefs.

I very rarely hear back from those who ask for direction. A few days ago, though, I did.

A grandma named Judy — a grandmother of 10, my friends — emailed me in September asking how to go about blogging. I gave her my suggestions on sites. She emailed me Friday to say, "I did it! Come take a look!"

I took a look and am so very proud of Judy! Her site is called Judy's Junk Drawer, and it looks like this:

Judy's Junk Drawer blog

Please visit JudysJunkDrawer and give her...

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