Grandma gets a facelift

Grandma gets a facelift

The time has come, my friends, for a facelift. Not for me personally, but for Grandma's Briefs.

For myriad reasons, I must move my site to a new platform. Still Squarespace, but a new and improved version of Squarespace. Still Grandma's Briefs, but a new and improved version of Grandma's Briefs โ€” featuring pins that pin, the ability to reply directly to one another's comments, a more appetizing Recipe Box and so much more.

I've been working diligently in the background for a couple weeks now but am officially at the point I must put a pause on the posts published right here so nothing will be lost in the migration to the new spot.

Which means I won't be adding new content until I reveal the transformed Grandma's Briefs. No Saturday movie reviews, no GRAND Social, no new recipes, no blither and blather 'bout my grandboys. That said, you can still...

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