Toddler gratitude

As a Thanksgiving activity, Bubby and his preschool classmates crafted turkeys made of footprints and feathers. On each work of art, the teacher wrote what each toddler said he or she was thankful for.

Here is a photo of Bubby's masterpiece:

Did you catch what Bubby is thankful for? Bath toys. Yes, bath toys! Nary a mention of a loving Mommy and Daddy, an adorable baby brother, a cozy home, abundant health, always having plenty to eat.

And that's okay. Because, at three years old, Bubby surely takes for granted that all little boys, all little girls have such things.

At three years old, Bubby is blissfully unaware of the profundity of his good fortune, his bountiful blessings.

At three years old, Bubby surely has no idea that life could be any different.

For that, I am truly grateful.

Today's question:

Name one thing from your day so far that you're grateful for?