TV series review: TNT’s I Am the Night

TV series review: TNT’s I Am the Night

Streaming services are super for binge-watching shows of all sorts. But every once in a while, good things come to those who wait. Wait, that is, for the next eagerly anticipated episode of a seriously suspenseful series to broadcast.

Such is the case with I AM THE NIGHT, a compelling limited series (six episodes) premiering January 28, 2019, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. A new series to which I was given advanced access by TNT to review and share with you. (Admittedly, my husband and I binge-watched it over two nights. What can I say? It’s part of the job!)

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Saturday movie review: Coming Through The Rye

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I never read Catcher in the Rye. At least I don't recall reading J.D. Salinger's classic.

I kinda sorta remember thinking a few decades ago that I should read it, because, ya know, it's a classic that everyone has read. In my hazy recollection of that time, I think I may have started reading it but didn't finish because I didn't care for it. Or maybe I did finish it but it didn't resonate with me because I was a young mom with three kiddos under the age of five at the time, not a cynical male teen.

Whatever the case may be, I don't know the story that resonated with millions.

COMING THROUGH THE RYE is about one of those millions who did read the book, one of those millions for whom the tale not only resonated but changed their lives.

Coming Through The Rye movie

The endearing coming-of-age film is based on true experiences of filmmaker James Sadwith, who...

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Weekend movie review: The 33

Most folks recall that in 2010, thirty-three miners were trapped for an excruciating — for themselves as well as their families — 69 days in a collapsed mine in Chile. Most folks recall the miraculous ending to the ordeal, too.

Knowing how the story plays out detracts not one bit from the drama of THE 33, the film based on the inspirational story.

the 33 movie poster 

Director Patricia Riggen did an impressive job bringing to life the miners' horrifying ordeal, based on a screenplay by Miko Alanne and Craig Borten. And the actors portraying the miners, their families, and the men who worked diligently to free the men from their potential grave 200 stories...

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Saturday movie review: Big Eyes

Every baby boomer alive has likely seen—perhaps loved, maybe even owned—the paintings of big-eyed waifs by the artist Keane. I was always intrigued (and, yes, moved) by the bizarre pieces, but I never knew the story of the artist, the true artist.

Big Eyes movie

BIG EYES is the incredible and often maddening true story of the true artist of those haunting...

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Saturday movie review: 'Belle'

History has always been one of my weakest subjects, the topic you never want to be teamed up with me on in trivia games of any sort. Yet I do love historical novels and historical films. BELLE quickly become one of my favorite films in the genre.

Belle bluray

BELLE is based on...

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