Celebrate Your Name Week! Plus, GRAND Social No. 246 link party for grandparents

Celebrate Your Name Week!

Time to note yet another nutty national — or, as is the case today — international event few folks know exists despite the fun to be had in its name. I'm talking Internation Celebrate Your Name Week, which runs this week, March 5-11, 2017. Oh, yeah! 'Tis true!

You can find all sorts ideas for celebrating the special week dedicated to "making sure your name is a respected, celebrated part of your personhood" on the official International Celebrate Your Name Week website

One way I'm celebrating it is by sharing this video of the top baby names of the past many, many decades... up through 2013. Oh, yes I am! And I'm happy to say that my name, Lisa, was the No. 1 name the year of my birth. Woot!

How about yours? Check out the video below for your birth year. And, as so few of us were born in the 1800s, even the earliest 1900s, please note that a helpful reference point for searching your year is that 1950 appears at 3:30 minutes into the video. Search backward or forward from there for yours.

Oh, what fun it is celebrating our names, right!? And to think the week...

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Wherein Grandma names the new grandchild

baby feet

My third grandson is due to be born soon. Which means... the child needs a name.

My daughter and son-in-law have picked out a strong, solid, terrific real name. But this grandma needs a bloggy name by which to call the kid. (You didn't think Bubby and Mac were my other two grandsons' real names, did you?)

So I spent much...

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