Halloween deer, plus GRAND Social No. 129 link party

Halloween deer

Last Friday saw not only more little trick-or-treaters at my door than in the past (meaning, we had about 15 kids total), I also saw these sweet deer and their parents across the street just as the sun was setting and the dear humans were heading out to haunt the neighborhood.

mule deer 

I'm still debating which...

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Colorful quaking aspen, plus GRAND Social No. 124 link party

grand social link party

Colorful quaking aspen

In Colorado, we don't have a huge variety of trees changing color come fall. We do have the aspen trees — often called quaking aspen — though. Their magnificent autumn show of color would put to shame any other trees, which just may be why aspens are the primary deciduous trees on the mountainsides, alongside the majestic Blue Spruce and other pines.

The orange, red and yellow of the aspens...

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14 things I love about October... plus one thing I hate

Glen Eyrie

My shortlisted October loves... in no particular order:

1. The sun has shifted south. Whereas summer months had the sun blazing into my window first thing in the morning demanding I rise and shine, now the mellowed sunrise fills my room with a pink glow that soon changes to golden. The gentle light begins my day with a caramelly richness unlike any other time of the year.

2. The windows can be opened during the day without consequence. Fresh autumn air fills each floor, each room, each nook and cranny.

3. Pumpkins. Glorious pumpkins.

4. Blankets. Extra covers have been added to the beds, making them all the more perfect for snuggling under with a good book before lights out.

5. Football in full force. Though I know diddly — and only diddly — about the game, I enjoy the gatherings of family, food and fun that focus on the sport. And I love hearing my oldest spout stats and such about the sport, outsmarting every football fan in the room.

homemade caramel dip

6. Honeycrisp apples and homemade caramel dip never tasted better.

7. The autumn palette. The colors of fall comfort me so, they're the scheme I painted my family room for year round pleasure.

8. My grandsons have a starring role. I see my grandsons every October, the only month in which a visit has become a sure thing.

9. Lady In White. October is the perfect time — the only time — to watch this fall favorite of mine.

10. The primary regional guessing game regarding first snow. No matter the age or how jaded, residents up and down Colorado's Front Range predict and prognosticate on when the first measurable amount will arrive. Easy rapport and conversation anywhere you go.

11. The secondary regional guessing game, this one on Halloween coverups. Parents up and down the Front Range must predict and prognosticate... and figure out how to incorporate a jacket (and hat and mittens and boots, too) into kids' holiday costumes. Love this only because I no longer need to worry about this.

12. Dancing leaves. On the trees, in the street, on the rooftops.

autumn street

13. Candle-lighting season. The scented candles come out, filling the house with Home Sweet Home, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Stick.

14. The potential to experience three seasons in one month. Depending on the day and Mother Nature's mood, October in Colorado can feel like the hottest of summers, the coldest of winters and the finest of fall — all in a span of 10 days or so.

Plus the one — the only — thing I hate about October:

The month lasts only 31 days, which I find so very unfair.

fall in the mountains 

Today's question:

What do you love about October? What do you hate?

18 things I love about October

Leaves dancing in the street.

Snow on Pikes Peak.

Taking the sunshades down from my kitchen skylights.

Pumpkin-flavored anything and everything. (Except pumpkin-flavored macaroni and cheese. Which I have tried...and didn't like.)

The anticipation and excitement of little ones looking forward to Halloween. Not just my grandsons but even those I hear in stores, chattering away to Mom about the costumes they want, what their friends plan to be, the candy they love.

Lady in White, which I watch this time of year every year.

Sweater weather.

Sock and slipper weather, too.

Kids in Halloween costumes. Especially when they look like this:

Or this:

(Megan will surely one day pay for the cuteness she foisted upon her boys.)

Indian Summer. Far less hot and harsh than regular summer.

No more watering or worrying about the flowers and more in the front yard, back yard, side yard.

No more fans scattered about the house.

Snuggling once again with my cat Abby, who was continually pushed away during hot weather.

Blankets back on the beds. And curling up under them for my nightly read.

The first wafts of smoke from wood burning in a neighbor's fireplace. (We typically wait til November to burn a fire in ours.)

Caramel apple taffy.

Visits with my grandsons. We always visit in October. This year I'm fortunate to have two visits planned—one at the end of this week, another at the end of the month. An extra-special reason to love this October in particular.

Today's question:

What do you love about October?