Love, lore, and GRAND Social link party No. 339 for grandparents

Love, lore, and GRAND Social link party No. 339 for grandparents

Love and lore

It’s impossible to escape the fact—touted by retailers since before Christmas decor was fully clearanced off their shelves—that this Thursday is Valentine’s Day.

But… do you know the facts about that day o’ love most folks have strong love-it-or-hate-it feelings about?

I have a feeling maybe not. I certainly didn’t (til searching for something to start of this week’s link party).

So in the interest general edification…

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Throwback Thursday: How to tell grandkids 'I love you' in another language

Throwback Thursday: How to tell grandkids 'I love you' in another language

I tell my grandsons I love you a lot. Returning the sentiment to those who say it to them was one of the first phrases they learned, though it did sound a bit like a foreign language at first, one only family members understood. Phonetic translation of Camden’s first utterance of it: Wuh woo!

Such I love yous in a language foreign to all but family members can become a shared sweetness, carried on through the years. But have you ever said I love you in Finnish? Swahili? Russian? Or even Spanish, for those of you who — like me — have not even the most basic of foreign language skills?

While I love you sounds the very same in some languages — think Malaysian and Maltese — there’s a whole world of ways it can be pronounced in other languages.

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From the archives: Four for Valentine's Day

The annual day o' love lurks right around the corner and Cupid will soon be sprinkling hearts and flowery fun far and wide.

Following are four of my previously published posts to peruse, a collection of sweet and silly sorts of stuff focused on ensuring grandkids feel the love — and laughter — this Valentine's Day.

valentine's day activities


Click each graphic to see the full post featuring lovey-dovey ...

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Obligation Day, plus GRAND Social No. 194 link party for grandparents

Obligation Day

If you've been married a long time, you may look at Valentine's Day as my husband and I do — as a day of obligation more so than a warm and welcome day to express our sincere love for one another.

I know many folks do feel as we do, for I found this box of chocolates stating so. The box of chocolates I gave my husband on Obligation Day, I mean, Valentine's Day.

obligatory chocolates

Thankfully we've been married long enough (coming up on 34 years!) that we could both chuckle about that, with no offense taken.

That said, it's still nice to pretend or imagine there's still that sense of wonder and awe and I simply cannot get enough of you now and then. JibJab made it possible for me to imagine...

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Play it again, Gram: 28 Valentine's Day jokes for kids

Here we are, mere days away from Valentine's Day and I've not yet shared my post of corny jokes for the lovey dovey day! How can that be?

Time to remedy that! So here they are, straight from the archives!

Share a chuckle and groan with the ones you love this Valentine's Day. And if you have a Valentine's Day joke or two of your own, please share in the comments.

valentine's day jokes for kids

Why is Valentine's Day the best day for a celebration?
Because you can party hearty.

How can you tell the calendar...

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Color me surprised, plus GRAND Social No. 144 link party for grandparents

Color me surprised

I hope your Valentine's weekend was pleasant—if not perfect—and included a hug from a grandkiddo or two.

If you follow Grandma's Briefs on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you may have already seen this sight I shared Saturday morning. It's so so colorful and happy (and surprising!), though, I'm compelled to now share it here, too.

hot air balloon

THAT appeared on my street Saturday morning. Jim and I were just sitting around enjoying our...

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Now is the time: Grandma Mail boxes

One of the more popular posts here on Grandma's Briefs has long been one in which I write about the little mailbox I made for Bubby to receive mail from Gramma. I've since made one for Mac, too — and should probably getting moving on Jak's, as well.

 grandma mail boxes

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I'm here today to tell you that if you want to create a Grandma Mail mailbox for your grandchildren, now is the time to stock up...

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