The Saturday Post: Hocus pocus edition

I'm a huge fan of magic. I love the illusions of Houdini and David Blaine and even Criss Angel (the early stuff from Blaine and Angel, though, before they went commercial and stupid).

Because of my love for magic, one of the most enjoyable ways Bubby has matured since I last saw him is that he now likes to entertain me with magic tricks. His wizardry usually involves making another chair, bike, or toy appear seemingly out of nowhere. At this point, his sleight of hand is preceded by him saying, "Okay, Gramma, now you have to close your eyes until I tell you to open them" followed by "Abracadabra! Okay! You can open them now!" then endless exclamations and handclaps from Gramma.

One day, though, I imagine Bubby's prestidigitation will reach the level of what illusionist Marco Tempest shares here:


Considering the amazing (supernatural?) progression of technology, it's likely Bubby the Magician's acts will eventually surpass those of Marco Tempest. I can wait. For the time-being, the razzle and dazzle he conjures while Gramma keeps her eyes closed are magical moments I wouldn't trade for even the most spell-binding of illusions from the most masterful of magicians.

Today's question:

Who is your favorite magician/illusionist?

The Saturday Post: Third-act edition

This video, at just over 11 minutes, is longer than I typically like to share. But it's well worth it, especially inspiring for those of us who are aging. And isn't that all of us?

Today's question:

What would you most like to do in your third act?

The Saturday Post: For my daughter edition

It's never too late to teach this. Or learn it.

You know that gal's mother—and grandmother—must be endlessly proud of their daughter.

Today's question:

What advice or words of encouragement do you wish your mother had given you?

Saturday Post: Sharing too much edition

I love the enlightening videos from TED. I found this one especially inspiring, despite its silliness, because it makes me consider that we...okay, that I...may be sharing far too much — and too often — online.

Time for me to stop sharing, back away from the screens, and spend my Saturday outside!

(I originally saw this on TED, but the TED player embeds wonky so I grabbed the YouTube version.)

Today's question:

What are your Saturday plans? (Do share!)

The Saturday Post

Something fairly heavy duty to listen to on a Saturday morning, but well worth it.

I can't figure out if the reason it's interesting is because of the ideas presented (on what adults can learn from kids), or if it's because the ideas are presented by a 12-year-old prodigy who's been publishing books for years, is a successful blogger and very obviously has no problem whatsoever speaking in front of large groups of highly educated adults.

Either way, I think it's worth the 8:13 run time. Let me know what you think.

Today's question:

What's the most childlike thing you do?

My answer: I whistle ... a lot. So much, in fact, that I worry I'll develop "smoker's wrinkles" around my mouth because I regularly pucker my lips in much the same fashion smokers do.