The Saturday Post: Super Why Grandma edition

As my grandsons and I enjoyed lunch together yesterday, Bubby and I discussed Mommy and Daddy leaving today for their conference, and how it's nice that I'm able to stay with him and Mac each time Mommy and Daddy go out of town.

Bubby mentioned that it's too bad PawDad doesn't get to visit each time I do, to which I explained that PawDad has to go to work each day and can't always take off time for visits to the desert, even though he'd like to. I stressed that just like Mommy has to go to the school for her job as a teacher and Daddy has to go to his office for his job, PawDad has to go to an office for his job, too. But my job, I told him, is all on my computer, so I can do my work from my house or his house or anywhere I go, as long as I have my computer.

When Bubby asked what my job is, I simplified it, saying that sometimes I write and other times I  read what other people write then fix any mistakes, adding commas and new words and things like that. "I'm a word fixer," I told him.

Bubby immediately perked up, grinned, and excitedly said, "Just like Super Why!"

"Super huh?" I thought.

Bubby explained that Super Why is a show he watches on TV, and that Super Why fixes words, too. He seemed quite impressed that Gramma was in the same league as Super Why.

Having never before heard of this Super Why guy, I later Googled him. This is what I found:

If Bubby needs a reference point for what Gramma does on the computer she drags around with her, I can't think of any more fitting than Super Why.

Best wishes to all for a super Saturday!