Meeting the Queen, plus GRAND Social No. 63

I'm back from BlogHer and have much to share. I must say, one of the high points of the conference was the warm reception I received from brand representatives I spoke to about the wants and needs of the baby boomer and grandparent readers of Grandma's Briefs. More than once I was told, "That is exactly the demographic we want to reach!" And I promise you it wasn't makers of hearing aids or walking aids saying such things, which was quite refreshing. Good things to come.

Another highlight of the conference was, of course, the Voice of the Year ceremony, hosted by Queen Latifah. There were a few disappointing glitches in the ceremony, but it was indeed rather cool to be standing next to the Queen. In the picture below, there's a woman — my friend, beautiful and talented Sandra — between the Queen and me (on Queen Latifah's right), but for one brief moment, Sandra stepped forward to give direction to the photographer, and I scooted over and stood right next to Queen Latifah. I considered fighting Sandra for the spot when she returned, but I decided to play nice and let her have her original spot back.

Group photo courtesy Ellen Gale Williams,

I'll share more in the coming days and weeks about other highlights of BlogHer and such, but a highlight of today is GRAND Social No. 63. Cheers to getting the show on the road!

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