Extend summer fun with Pressman Toy and Goliath Games (review)

Though school bells beckon in the distance, there's still a fair share of summertime to spare. Why not gather the grands and try your hands at these six entertaining options for school-age kids and older?

I received the six following toys and games from Pressman Toy and Goliath Games free for review, and my review buddy, James, and I had a blast putting each to the test.

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From Doggie Doo to Rummikub: Games galore from Pressman Toy and Goliath Games

games galore from pressman and goliath.jpg

The gifting season is upon us, and games never fail to fit the bill. Game gurus Pressman Toy and Goliath Games recently sent me more than a few of their faves for all ages to play and peruse with my local game boy (and grandson), James.

Some of the selections were silly, some challenging, all downright dandy for gift giving to grands.


Retro '90s games your '80s and '90s kids will get a kick out of

retro 90s games from Pressman Toy

Long, long ago, in what now seems an alternate universe, I had three daughters living at home, three daughters attending elementary school. Computers in the classroom were new, our home computer even newer. Games on both were DOS-based. And they. were. awesome. Especially in the pixel-dazzled eyes of my daughters.

At school, my girls and their friends clamored for computer time. Oregon Trail time, in particular. They so enjoyed attempting to survive the oft-deadly challenges of the trail west at school that we purchased the game — on 3.5-inch disk... or perhaps it was a 5.25-inch floppy — to play at home.

My girls (and my husband) spent hours at the screen hunting, scavenging, escaping bears, and crossing rivers as they traversed the seemingly never-ending Oregon Trail. Sometimes successfully, sometimes...

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