Saturday movie review: Learning to Drive

LEARNING TO DRIVE is a chick flick. Literally. The touching dramatic comedy was written by a woman (Sarah Kernochan), directed by a woman (Isabel Coixet), produced by women (executive producer Eleni Asvesta and producer Dana Friedman), and stars always intriguing Patricia Clarkson in a story primarily about a woman.

LEARNING TO DRIVE also stars a few men, Ben Kingsley most prominently. Which factors into the film resonating with men as well as women. Yet Kingsley's presence isn't the only reason men might enjoy the insightful movie made primarily by women. That can be attributed most fully to the engaging, uplifting story of a broken marriage, a new marriage, and an unexpected friendship forged.

learning to drive movie

The film opens with Wendy (Clarkson) and her husband...

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Saturday movie review: October Gale

Most regular readers of my movie reviews likely realize I favor independent films. And actors who star in independent films.

Two of my favorite independent film actors—Patricia Clarkson and Tim Roth—star in this week's movie review film, OCTOBER GALE. The film also stars Scott Speedman, whom I've enjoyed watching grow as an actor since first seeing him in the TV series Felicity years ago.

October Gale

OCTOBER GALE is a romantic thriller seemingly designed for older movie watchers in the mood for...

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