Saturday movie review: Still Dreaming

Saturday movie review: Still Dreaming

As our parents age and we consider how we can best assist and accommodate them in their later years, we baby boomers become more and more familiar with assisted living centers, nursing homes, and similar facilities Mom and/or Dad might at some point consider home. Many of our parents already reside in such spots, others of us may be in the researching-for-someday phase of the sandwich situation.

As is the case with most things, negative stories and worrisome aspects of assisted living centers and nursing homes get the most headlines, cause the most headaches. Yet there are indeed many positiveโ€”and trueโ€”tales to tell of facilities doing fun, fabulous, innovative, and invigorating things for the elderly folks they care for and, in many cases, consider family.

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Saturday movie review: Bing Crosby Rediscovered

The holiday season is upon us, and no movie — or song — encapsulates Christmastime better than WHITE CHRISTMAS. This review isn't about that movie or song; it's about the man who brought both to life and placed them forever in our hearts: Bing Crosby.

Bing Crosby Rediscovered 

BING CROSBY REDISCOVERED, an American Masters presentation, premieres...

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Saturday movie review: 'The Boomer List'

You've surely heard the news many times in the last year or so: The last of the baby boomers turn 50 this year! In celebration of that cultural milestone comes THE BOOMER LIST from filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

The Boomer List

Officially titled for its PBS airing American Masters: The Boomer List, this engaging documentary...

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The Saturday Post: Is Facebook changing our identity edition

The other day I was having trouble getting on Facebook, and it seemed the problem was with Facebook, not with me or my computer. I started thinking about how much I and nearly every single person and business I know has come to depend on Facebook.

Then I wondered what we would all do if Facebook crashed. For good. Or just plain shut down. For good. For whatever reason.

What would we do?

Because of that thought, I thought you'd find this PBS video interesting. I certainly did.

Watch Is Facebook Changing Our Identity? on PBS. See more from Idea Channel.

Today's question:

How often do you get on Facebook?

The Saturday Post: Happy birthday edition

Julia Child's birthday was this past Wednesday. She would have been 100 years old. In honor of her birthday, PBS cooked up this:

Today is the birthday of my very own Julia Child, the Julia Child of our family: Brianna. She turns 30 years old today! I'm nowhere's near as talented as PBS in cooking up birthday fun, but I'm hoping Brianna's birthday celebration will end up being just as tasty and fun as the mashup above. At least to Brianna.

Happy birthday to Brianna!

And to Julia Child.

And happy Saturday to the rest of ya!


The Saturday Post: Happy little clouds edition

Continuing the theme of yesterday's post and focusing on things that make us smile, here is this happy little mashup directly from the folks at PBS.

Best wishes for happy little clouds and more in your world today!