Saturday movie review: The Family Fang

Jason Bateman is an amazing director. His most recent go at the role, THE FAMILY FANG, confirms his name should be prominently and permanently emblazoned across an on-set Director chair.

That's it. That's all you need to know about THE FAMILY FANG. End of review.

the family fang

Okay, okay. You deserve to know more about THE FAMILY FANG. And Jason Bateman deserves for you to know more about the quiet, quirky, independent film he directed. And stars in. With Nicole Kidman. And Christopher Walken. And Maryann Plunkett, who...

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Weekend movie review: Secret in Their Eyes

The movie SECRET IN THEIR EYES is about a lot of things. It's about a team of investigators working diligently to nab terrorists following the September 11 tragedy. A team that ends up involved in and forever changed by investigating the heinous rape and murder of the daughter of one of their own.

Secret in Their Eyes DVD

It's also about unrequited romance. And choices. And loss and regrets and revenge and the...

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