Friday flashback: Coupon queen

In celebration of Mother's Day on Sunday, for this week's Friday flashback feature I chose to share one of my favorite posts about cherished gifts from my girlies. I smile each time I recall my coupons from kids and hope my story on such makes you smile, too — even if you read it the first time around (and thank you if you did!).

(Originally published June 6, 2011)

coupon book for momCoupons are a hot commodity in my world. Sure, I use coupons for products when grocery shopping, but what I'm talking about here are coupons as gifts.

Somewhere along the line of rearing three daughters, creating coupons to be redeemed for good deeds and great times became a recurring gift, either from me to them or from them to me. Of those, I especially remember...

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GRAND Social link party No. 103 plus an heirloom gift for Mother's Day

Mother's Day heirloom gift

I find it hard to believe, but Mother's Day is already this coming Sunday. If your family has been asking you for gift ideas — or if you ever have a grandparent you plan to honor with a gift — consider this:

Stories From My Grandparent

Susan Adcox, aka the Grandparent Guide for, has written a lovely book titled...

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